Gunstone X Bridge & Burn Collection

Bridge & Burn are a Portland based purveyor of excellent apparel and associated accessories and this isn’t the first time they’ve made it onto the pages of The Coolector so when we saw that they were engaged in a collaboration with a fantastically talented graphic designer and all round outdoorsman, Tally Gunstone, to create a series of T-shirts inspired by the Oregon countryside, it was simply impossible to ignore.

With a pretty mesmerising canvas to work from, namely the wonderful wilderness to be taken in in and around Portland, it is little wonder that the collection of tees from Bridge & Burn and Tally Gunstone are suitably excellent and for anyone who likes their apparel outdoors inspired and orientated, then these will definitely fit the bill rather nicely.

Born and raised in Portland, Gunstone is well positioned to capture some of his favourite Oregon landscapes such as Hells Canyon and Mount Hood and he has committed them to tees in a superbly stylish series of graphic prints that we’ve fallen pretty hard for at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few of the best below:

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Bridge & Burn are without question one of our favourite apparel brands here at Coolector HQ and when they collaborate with first class graphic designers, the end result was never in doubt really and so it has proven with this superb selection of printed tees which will appeal to chaps regardless of whether you’re familiar with the spectacular terrains of Oregon.

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