60x Field Microscope For Smartphones

We all take photos aplenty with our smartphones and there’s little doubting the quality of the cameras on today’s devices but if it’s really close up photos you’re wanting to take, at a microscopic level, then you’re likely going to need an add-on accessory. Enter this 60x Field Microscope for Smartphones which is funding on Indiegogo now and which will deliver close up photos in impeccable detail.

The 60x Field Microscope for Smartphones gives you a ticket to the microscopic world going on beneath your feet and all around you and makes it so much easier to capture these extraordinary surroundings on your phone’s camera. This clever little bit of kit is essentially an easy-to-use, multi-lens microscope which you can append to your smartphone’s camera when there’s something you want to get up close and personal with.

Devil in the Detail

Offering a 60x zoom for your photos, you’ll be amazed at just how much extra detail can be revealed with this nifty little device for your smartphone. Beginning life as a project at the Australian Science and Mathematics School, the 60x Field Microscope for Smartphones uses a multiple-lens system which is ideal for creating a crisp magnified image but one with much less distortion and chromatic aberration than you’ll get with a single lens typical on today’s smartphones.

One of the best features of the 60x Field Microscope for Smartphones is the fact that it doesn’t need any external lighting as it reflects the light from your camera’s flashlight and will light up any object your photographing in daytime or nighttime conditions. It couldn’t be easier to use the device as well as all you need to do is clip it to your smartphone in front of the camera and open up your camera app and you’re good to go.

If you love taking photos on your smartphone but have always craved the ability to take clearer close up photos, this is the device for you. It is made using 3D printing technology and will be hit with young and old photo enthusiasts alike. Whilst the cameras on smartphones are undoubtedly excellent, their single lens capacity often inhibits their close up photo clarity but with this awesome little add-on in your back pocket, you’ll be able to take cracking close up photos of anything you like from bugs to plants and everything in between.

Great Photos

You’ll be adding significantly to the awesomeness of your smartphone camera roll with this top notch, 3D printed device and the fact it is so portable and easy to use means you’ll have no excuse for not having it in your back pocket when there’s something that you want to capture a close up photo of.

Extremely affordable and effortlessly simple, we’re big fans of this sort of tech here at Coolector HQ. Cleverly conceived and genuinely fun for both children and adults, this great little device isn’t going to change the world of course but it will help you get some really cool close up photos of all sorts of things.

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