Love Hulten Cary42

It is plain to see that few people love retro video games and first class design than that of Love Hulten and this is something that he seeks to prove time and time again with his awesome array of wooden pieces that typically expertly hide some sort of video game operating system and the latest to have caught our eye is the brilliant looking Cary42.

The Love Hulten Cary42 is limited to a mere 50 pieces so, in the likely event that you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’re going to need to move fast to get one in your possession. This stunning commingling of design and video gaming awesomeness is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping in December (hopefully) just in time for Christmas. A minimalistic marvel, perfectly suited to those who want to play their favourite retro games on the go.

Old School Cool

Elegantly handcrafted from wood, the Love Hulten Cary42 is two-player arcade console which takes its design inspiration from attaché cases and it is a larger, updated version of another of Love Hulten’s classic designs, the awesome R-Kaid-R. This top notch devices lets you take on classic co-op games such Metal Slug, Gauntlet and Contra and, as we all know, these are some of the most addictive games of the 80s and 90s.

This amazing Love Hulten Cary42 folding console is delivered with 100 classic game titles but you can actually store over 10,000 emulated games on the device so chances are you’ll be hunting down some of your other favourite classic video games . You can add these games through USB functionality and, in doing so, create your own personal game library, chock full of all your best loved classics.

Quality abounds with this spectacular piece of gaming design and the case is made from solid American walnut and comes replete with panels in satin grey and black/white buttons. Additionally, the Cary42 can be further customised if you’re wanting to really ramp up the visual impact of your console. Love Hultén offers a custom inlay which means that you can personalise your Cary42 unit with a genuine pearl inlay on top of the lid and make it stand out from the crowd even more than it already does.

A Link Between Past And Present

Whilst the Cary42 from Love Hulten is purpose built for old-school games, it boasts a thoroughly modern aesthetic in terms of the quality of the finish. Each one is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail and available in a very limited edition of a mere 50 units – which definitely won’t be hanging around for long and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them all gone before we even reach 2018 here at Coolector HQ.

Weighing just 3kg, it’s extremely easy to port about and the fact that you can get up to 10,000 games onto your Cary42 means that you’ll never be short of options when you want to bust it out and enjoy some old school gaming classics. Mesmerising to look at and so well crafted, this is another masterclass of design from one of our favourite pedlars of awesomeness, Love Hulten.

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