7 Menswear Essentials from Homage

Laid back apparel is pretty much our vibe here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we love brands like Homage which excel in offering exactly that. Inspired by popular cultage, Homage turns back the clock with shout-outs to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, and popular culture. From Billie Jean King to Larry Bird, their gear tells stories of triumph, individualism and hustle, preserving the old school and creating new legacies.

Pay homage this summer by checking out our pick of 7of their most essential pieces of apparel below:

Go-To Sweat Shorts ($48)

A comfy pair of shorts is top of our list of purchases for summer here at The Coolector and they don’t come much comfier than these Go-To Sweat Shorts from Homage ($48). For those of you who have been cutting up Homage’s sweatpants in the summertime because there’s literally nothing more comfortable, no more impromptu scissor work for you. These raw-edge sweat shorts are made with fleece material and have an 8-inch seam, hitting slightly above the knee. ($48)

Go-To Lightweight Hoodie ($48)

Lightweight outerwear is essential for the summer nights when there is a bit of a chill in the air and this ace looking, retro-tastic Homage Go-To Lightweight Hoodies ($48) is a real favourite of ours. It basically offers everything you love about Homage’s classic Go-To Hoodie, but it’s much more lightweight and summer suitable. Ideal for springtime breezes, fall cold snaps, or all-season lounging. This super-soft t-shirt fabric comes in five stylish colorways, and an ultra-comfy silhouette. Pay homage. ($48)

NBA Jam Warriors Curry And Thompson ($36)

NBA aficionado? Gold State Warriors nut? Love Curry & Thompson? Well, you’re luck sir because this Homage NBA Jam Warriors Curry And Thompson T-Shirt ($36) has got your name on it (not literally). Boomshakalaka, the Splash Brothers are here! Golden State’s Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the star features of Homage’s latest NBA Jam Warriors tee, and this is a dream duo you won’t want to miss. Is it the shoes? Nah, it’s the tees. Go Warriors. ($36)

Superbad Old Enough To Party Tee ($32)

We don’t know about you but our printed tee numbers swell in the summer wardrobe rotation and we’re always looking for new ones to add into the mix. With Superbad being one of our favourite comedies of all time, we couldn’t overlook this brilliant Superbad Old Enough To Party Tee ($32) from Homage. Are you old enough to party? Chicka-Chicka yeah, fake ID, fake ID. Roll up to the taproom with this super-soft proof of ID, and you’ll be ushered straight in. Give it up for your favourite 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor, and pay homage. ($32)

Go-To Lightweight Athletic Socks ($12)

Socks are often overlooked when it comes to menswear but when you put your feet in a pair of these Go-To Lightweight Athletic Socks from Homage ($12), you won’t make that mistake again. These lightweight, breathable socks are stylish, sporty and extremely comfortable so they’ll have you ready for anything this summer, from a casual sprint to the couch-session of your dreams. Keep those feet happy, and pay homage. ($12)

Festivus For The Rest Of Us Tee ($32)

As children of the 80s and 90s at The Coolector, Seinfield is a seminal piece of television for us so anything that celebrates its awesomeness is alright in our book. Enter this brilliant Festivus For The Rest Of Us Tee ($32) which is a celebration of one of Frank Costanza’s most iconic moments in the hit show. The celebration came to be after he was unable to score his son the doll he so wanted – so Festivus celebrates all the angst associated with the holiday season. Join the rest of us for Festivus and honour the seasonal tradition of airing your grievances and listing all the ways your family has disappointed you. A T-shirt we’ll definitely be adding to our own collection this summer at Coolector HQ. ($32)

HOMAGE Cloth Mask ($3)

Whilst the global pandemic is showing signs of (hopefully) coming to an end, a lot of us will likely look to be wearing a mask for the seeable future. Add a touch of class to your face this summer with the lightweight and breathable Homage Cloth Mask ($3). This great accessory sees the brand take their super soft t-shirt fabric, layer it up, and sew it into a non-medical grade mask for added protection when you’re out and about and want to enhance your protection. ($3)

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