LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series

Camping and heading out into the wild in search of outdoor adventures is a priority for many given the 12-18 months we’ve been cooped up inside and, if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll be on the hunt for gear that will enhance these outdoor experiences. Enter the ace looking LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series which will be the perfect base for heading out into the wild over the coming months.

The LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series is an impressive combination of contemporary engineering and top tier craftsmanship and will provide you with a small but perfectly formed camping solution atop your vehicle. Each unit is carefully hand-crafted, from the aluminium frame to the interior finishes and this attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed. Customers can select from a long list of options to configure their build exactly to their own unique camping requirements and specifications.

Wilderness Road Warriors Rejoice

If you’re a regular road trip enthusiast who loves to pull up and camp in the most idyllic spots, the LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series is definitely for you. Each LOKI Basecamp is unique and tailored to the end-users specific needs so whatever sort of outdoor adventures you’re looking to have, you can work alongside the guys at LOKI to ensure you get the perfect one for you.

The convenience of a self-sufficient LOKI Basecamp helps to make sure you can spend more time practising your outdoor passions, extreme sports or even take your working life on the road and create your content from a new place every day – something which sounds pretty awesome to us here at Coolector HQ. The infinitely impressive LOKI Basecamp can be anything from your shelter, your film studio, your maintenance shop to your mobile home and brings you as close to the adventure as you need or want to be.

LOKI Basecamp Falcon series boasts everything you require upon your return from your daily excursions all year round. With onboard heating, AC and quality 4-season insulation, you’ll be able to tackle weather of any kind. The various purpose-built areas of the unit let you enjoy all the interior comforts of your LOKI Basecamp. Enter through the mudroom and do away with the dirty gear from a hike or swim then go straight into the interior removable shower. This space also converts to a table and seating.

After a day spent in the great outdoors, what could be better than a multifunctional lounge area with removable aluminium platforms where you can kick back, get some work done or watch movies or sport. The dinette space with ergonomic counter, stainless steel sink with bendable faucet and induction cooktop is ideally suited for prepping meals directly in the comfort of your LOKI Basecamp. The bedroom with its queen-size bed provides unbeatable outdoors comfort for a restful night’s sleep so you‘ll be ready for adventure once again when the sun comes up. A camper’s dream offering.

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