90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase

Heading to the airport is a stressful enough experience in its own right but you no longer need to feel as responsible for your suitcase as was once the case courtesy of this rather extraordinary piece of tech by the name of the 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase which utilises the same technology found in segway machines to remain upright and follow you around the airport until you reach the checkout gate.

The 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase incorporates top of the line technology and innovation to deliver a mighty impressive performance and the sort of suitcase that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film. This cracking piece of tech boasts a gravity adaptive system and a carbon fibre exterior which is responsible for delivering the thoroughly impressive aesthetics and robustness that we’d expect from a suitcase today.

Airport Stress Buster

We love new tech here at The Coolector and the 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase has got 2018 off to an impressive start with its eye-catching capabilities. Boasting modes which include auto-follow and remote control, you can either let it follow you around anywhere or ask it go wherever you want in what is a most welcome feature indeed. Additionally, it can also go back and forth with its bi-directional intelligent follow so, whatever your requirements at the airport, this awesome piece of luggage won’t let you down.


The 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase is certainly no slouch and it can follow you at a speed as high as 18 km/h with positioning accuracy up to 5° so if you’re in a last minute dash to the gate, you’ll not have to wait around for your suitcase to catch you up – in fact, it will probably beat you there. Somewhat impressively, it can automatically keep its balance even when hit by a sudden, external force. Its electric power assistant, power ramp, deceleration and parking brake makes it capable of matching all your travel requirements and more.

Security is another key element of the Puppy1 and it has an in-built security feature of a fingerprint scanner built into its exterior to make sure you’re the only one who can gain access to it. There is a futuristic vibe to the aesthetics too with blue LED lighting around the trim that gives it a pleasing glow and will certainly make your suitcase stand out from the crowd and turn heads in any airport in the world.

Advanced Technology

You’ll see a lot of a segway in the way the 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase moves and that’s because it has integrated the same technology in order to get about. This is visually engaging but also highly functional because it really lets the suitcase tackle many different terrains and surfaces. A fun, technology advanced and versatile piece of luggage and one that any gadget lover is sure to want to get their hands on in 2018.

Available for pre-order now, excitement is already high surrounding the 90Fun Puppy1 Self-Balance and Auto-Follow Suitcase and you’ll need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on one of the first batches when they do eventually hit the shelves. A great piece of design coupled with excellent technology makes this a must for any tech-obsessed traveller.

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