A House

We’ll never tire of looking for great looking contemporary architecture here at Coolector HQ and our latest hunt has led us squarely to the door of the stunning A House from REM’A Architects. Located in Guimarães in Portugal, this glorious piece of design is minimalism personified and boasts some clever design features throughout that expertly showcases the design talents of the architects behind the project.

The REM’A Architects designed A House has a vast living space of some 450m2 and the property is sited in a typical peripheral region lot, in Guimarães city and it is characterised by a surrounding high density residential area. The project was developed according to the immediate needs of the owners – namely, to deliver privacy and make the most of the natural topography of the site.

Clever Use of Space

Clever use of space typifies the design of A House from REM’A Architects and the two-story house has been designed in consonance with a proposal that revolves around two different uses which have characterised by the creation of voids and open outdoor spaces that expertly correspond to the type of area of the home that they define (both social or private spaces).

For the social spaces of A House, the aim was to establish exogenous voids and open outdoor spaces that allow the owners to traverse the relations between the inside and the outside of the home and make the most of the lovely climate that Portugal typically has to offer, as well as it expands the living area when the doors are fully open.

The private spaces of A House again position themselves around open spaces, resulting from the definition of a pure and blind volume, founded on the retaining wall, that holds within itself allowing the control of light and visual relations with the surrounding area. One of the boundary walls of the property is geometrically perforated which offers a striking visual impact and provides an entrance point on the high level of the site.

Portuguese Perfection

Portugal is a pretty beautiful country and it is made all the more impressive when you see stunning pieces of contemporary architecture like A House from REM’A. There is a real attention to detail on both the big and small parts of the design and this makes it one of the best pieces of architectural design we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

If you love modern design as we do here at The Coolector you’ll find it hard not to be bowled over by what the architects have achieved with A House in Guimarães. Excellent choice of materials and a clever use of space really make this a highly attractive and functional residential space.

Leo Davie