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Malle London are a brand that have been on our radar for some time now here at Coolector HQ but we best know them for their excellent bags and accessories so we understandably sat up and took notice when we saw that they’d branched into menswear. The Malle London AdventureWear Collection is ideally suited to this festive period courtesy of the robust materials used in its crafting and the versatile nature of the aesthetic.

The Malle London AdventureWear Collection is made in Great Britain and each piece of apparel in the range is naturally built for the great outdoors for those who love to search for adventure. There has been no compromises at any stage of the design and production journey. The end result of this is timeless, considered designs and the highest calibre garments that are extremely soft, yet robust and built for a life of adventure.

Winter Wardrobe Sorted

There is pretty much everything you’ll need this winter to be found within the Malle London AdventureWear range and this includes beefy socks, robust sweaters and warming hats. Wool and natural materials have been used in travel and adventure gear for well over a century, from the furthest white spaces of the Polar regions, to the highest peaks of the Alpine and Himalayan mountain ranges and almost everywhere in between so it was the natural choice for the main material used in this cracking collection of apparel from Malle London.

After conducting considerable research into the best yarns, fabrics and materials from around the globe, Malle London selected three natural fabrics that have all of the inherent properties we all require for every day adventures; namely, superior insulation, moisture wicking, temperature regulation, breathability, anti-bacterial, comfort and strength. For the Malle London AdventureWear Collection they have used all natural materials, including: Supima Cotton, Fine Merino Wool, Heavy Weight Merino Wool and Alpaca.

The end result of the fantastic fabrics used in the crafting of this superb apparel is a timeless and extremely tough selection of sweaters, hats, socks and more with considered design features, that are of the highest quality and guaranteed for life. The heavyweight Merino Wool yarn that Malle London use is sourced from Peru, manufactured from the raw ingredient into the final garment in Great Britain, before being knitted in Manchester and hand-finished in London. The shape of the thread has a ‘crimp’ that traps air in pockets in the fibre, creating greater insulation against the skin, which also makes it supremely soft and comfortable.

Layering Perfection

Beneath the surface of your outer-layer is something that is just as important as your outer wind/rain proof shell. With each layer of Malle AdventureWear is designed to work in conjunction with the other layers beneath the ‘shell’ of your Malle Waxed Canvas and Leather Jackets and each piece is designed to be utilitarian and worn every day, using Malle’s three stage layering technique.

As part of Malle London’s sustainability initiative they are striving to create the most well made and long lasting products on the market. They search for the most sustainable ingredients and manufacturing processes in the world, and do this by using natural materials and avoiding all plastics and oil based synthetics. Malle London make their AdventureWear apparel products locally, using only the highest quality of raw materials and craftsmanship (so that the product will last for decades) and in the event of something breaking or needing repair – like an old motorcycle – they will always help you fix it, to ensure your Malle will serve you on every adventure for a very long time.

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