We’re lucky enough to have driven some pretty awesome cars in our time here at Coolector HQ and we’re always up for trying new sets of wheels so when heading to the Peak District recently, we were delighted to have the opportunity to put the CITROËN C5 AIRCROSS SUV through its paces and, safe to say, it definitely didn’t disappoint. This fantastic machine is comfort personified and comes with a whole suite of excellent tech that helps to set it apart from the competition.

The CITROËN C5 AIRCROSS SUV is an ultra-comfortable and ridiculously versatile all-terrain vehicle that will get you were you’re going in style and unparalleled comfort. It is classically SUV-shaped with its large 720mm diameter wheels, its no-nonsense and robust design and raised ground clearance of 230mm which will make short of any terrains you’re likely to encounter on road trip adventures. Its unique personality and strong style choices such as its Airbump® inspired lower door and wheel arch protectors, roof bars, and a broad range of personalisation options make it 100% Citroën in both its aesthetics and performance.

Stand Out Performer

CITROËN are rightly proud of their C5 AIRCROSS SUV because it offers such an eye-opener performance in all sorts of scenarios – such as for us in the Peak District of Derbyshire. The roads here are often less than pristine but this SUV made short work of them with no qualms at all. It stands out as the most comfortable SUV in its segment courtesy of the two exclusive Citroën innovations: namely suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort seats.

The three individual, sliding, incline-adjustable and folding rear seats make the C5 AIRCROSS SUV from CITROËN the most modular and spacious SUV of its type and we can certainly testify to its comfort as it was one of the most relaxing road trips we’ve been on here at Coolector HQ. Its boot capacity, which varies from 580 to 720 litres, sets a new standard and will be more than enough room for anything you’re likely to be porting about be it luggage or dogs. Finally, with no less than a remarkable 19 driver assistance technologies and six connectivity technologies, it is truly a next-generation SUV.

Boasting a truly dynamic design, the C5 AIRCROSS SUV from CITROËN is a real sight to behold. At some 4.50m long, it catches the eye for its powerful and dynamic personality, without being unduly aggressive. It brings a breath of fresh air to the SUV arena with its wide and powerful front-end design, high sculpted bonnet and flowing lines which are effortlessly punctuated with strong graphic features such as the Airbump®. Something that we really loved during our road trip was the panoramic sunroof. The 360° glazed area around the car shows off a flowing roof design and the “C” chrome-finished signature reflects its interior space.

Superior Interior

Whilst the exterior of the C5 was beyond compare, it was on the inside that we were truly in our element here at The Coolector. The cabin of New C5 Aircross SUV is incredibly spacious and refined in nature and from the minute you climb in comfort levels go through the roof. It incorporates generous and flowing shapes, whilst also ensuring it stays attentive to little details and functional aspects of your drive. It features a bold looking dashboard with a horizontal layout. The driver is treated to a display screen which offers a configurable digital instrument cluster with a 12.3′-inch screen, which displays the selected driving information in the driver’s field of vision.

We loved the CITROËN C5 AIRCROSS SUV here at The Coolector HQ and it made driving around the Peak District even more pleasurable that it already is. The comfort is off the charts and the contemporary, no-nonsense aesthetic of this SUV is something that we always gravitate towards when looking for vehicles so it should perhaps come as no surprise that we were so enamoured with the AIRCROSS. Definitely highly recommended.

From £24,435

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