ACTIVCARGO Anti-Theft Sports Bag

For those who regularly play sport or head to the gym on a daily basis, chances are you’ll have a dedicated sports bag for the job but if you worry about your belongings when you’re out on the pitch or when it’s stowed away in your gym locker whilst you’re working out, you’re not alone. The guys at ACTIVCARGO had the same worries and that’s why they decided to create the world’s first anti-theft sports bag.

The ACTIVCARGO Anti-Theft Sports Bag does exactly what it says on the tin insomuch as it’s a carry designed for the active lifestyle but has inherent design features which will deter any nefarious individuals from making off with your wares. This cleverly conceived and crafted carry has certainly caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and if you want enhanced security when playing sport, you’ll be pleased to hear this security conscious carry will be hitting Kickstarter soon and you can head to ACTIVCARGO’s site to sign up to get updates on its progress.

Superb Security, First Class Functionality

Worrying about your possessions whilst you’re playing sports is inevitably going to have a knock on effect on your performance out on the pitch or court but with the ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag, you can make these concerns a thing of the past. It is a revolutionary anti-theft sports bag which will alter the way you enjoy your sports. The Tribal anti-theft sports bag was born out of frustration because there was no multi-functional sports bag on the market which is designed to protect your valuables whilst you are working out or playing sport but with this hitting Kickstarter soon, there will be before too long.

The ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag has three levels of security to guard against theft and these are a 3-digit combination lock which secures the main compartment, preventing theft of contents, a retractable steel cable that allows you to lock your bag onto any stationery object giving you reassurance your bag will still be there upon your return. Last but not least, this innovative carry has a main compartment that is reinforced by a YKK 8RCW double layer, anti-puncture proof zipper which is unable to be penetrated by sharp objects, which will stop people from cutting their way into the bag.

Offering the ultimate in versatile performance, the ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag is extremely foldable which makes it easy to stow away when not in use and it boasts a hidden detachable rain cover which makes sure you can protect your bag from the elements when you are taking part in outdoor sporting pursuits. It’s great little design features like this that set ACTIVCARGO’s bag apart from the competition and we fully expect it to take Kickstarter by storm when it hits the crowdfunding platform in the coming months.

Multi-Carry Possibilities

If, like us at Coolector HQ, you demand abundant versatility from your carries, you’ll be pleased to hear that the ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag has multi-carry possibilities so you can carry how best suits you or what you’re carrying. All the straps are detachable and can be stored away when you’re not using them which provides multiple options to carry your anti-theft sports bag in comfort depending on personal preference or the environment.

On the inside of the ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag you’ll find plenty of cleverly positioned storage solutions which includes two mesh pocket organisers, a velvet lined valuables compartment, an easy access key-chain and, last but not least, a lower shoe compartment, perfect for keeping muddy boots or sweaty sneakers away from whatever is being carried within the bag itself. If you’re serious about sport and security, the ACTIVCARGO Anti-theft Sports Bag is for you. Head on over to their site now to join the mailing list to hear when you can bag yours for a bargain price on Kickstarter.

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