Adidas München Made in Germany “Oktoberfest” Sneakers

Beer is our weakness here at Coolector HQ and we’re often pre-occupied with thoughts of a frosty one so, safe to say, one of the biggest events on the calendar for us is invariably that of Oktoberfest. With that in mind, we’ve had our attention grabbed with a rather awesome looking piece of footwear – namely, these Adidas München Made in Germany “Oktoberfest” Sneakers – which celebrate one of the most important dates in the beer swilling calendar.

With vast swathes of beer lovers typically descending on Munich towards the end of September to enjoy one of the most prestigious beer drinking events in the form of Oktoberfest, we hope to be joining them this year and, if we do, then our choice of footwear has to be these top notch Adidas München Made in Germany “Oktoberfest” Sneakers which don’t just have plenty of nods to the event but look just about as comfortable as they come.

Beer Drinking Footwear

Not that we think it necessary to have footwear specifically for enjoying some German steins, it definitely fits into the nice to have category and these excellent looking Adidas München Made in Germany “Oktoberfest” Sneakers are right up our street from an aesthetic point of view here at Coolector HQ. Since 1810, the Bavarian capital has been hosting Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world, and has turned its local tradition to a global institution and this cracking pair of sneakers from Adidas is a celebration of that fact.

It’s impossible not to have seen the traditional leather outfits worn by most during Oktoberfest and it is from this apparel these Adidas München Made in Germany “Oktoberfest” Sneakers take their design inspiration. They are crafted from premium leather and other high quality materials to deliver the sort of comfort that you’ll demand from your sneakers and the finest leather with DPBR coating ensures a durable puke & beer repellent upper (something that might come in handy with the often excesses of Oktoberfest).

The rich brown colorway of the sneakers is combined with three light brown stripes and speckled laces and the attention to detail throughout the design of these shoes is, as you would expert from an Oktoberfest loving German brand, second to none. Some of the stand out design features include eye-catching, bright embroidery on the heel cap to match your choice of Lederhosen or the understated golden “Prost” (German for “Cheers”) embroidered next to the iconic three stripes.

Nod To Oktoberfest

If you’re planning to head to Oktoberfest yourself this year and want to really get into the spirit of things without truly compromising your own sense of style, these brilliantly designed and crafted sneakers from Adidas are certainly a step in the right direction and will be suitable for wearing long after the event has finished as well.

Oktoberfest is a highlight in the calendar for us here at Coolector HQ and we’re definitely impressed with this superb piece of footwear celebrating the ancient beer drinking event. Expertly put together from the finest materials and boasting plenty of striking design features to remind you of their inspiration, it’s a definite two thumbs up for this footwear from us.

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