Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

In the world of fitness tracking and wearable tech, Fitbit are now unquestionably one of the biggest hitters and they might just have solidified this position with the announcement of their latest bit of kit – the awesome looking Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch – which certainly looks ideally positioned to keep both tech lovers and fitness enthusiasts happy with its eye-catching and impressive line up of features.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is almost akin to having your own personal trainer as it boasts the sort of technology within that is capable of delivering personal insights and guidance on your workout routines and delivers this alongside the functionality to enjoy all your favourite music and apps – put simply, this is the accessory that most of us have been waiting for the guys at Fitbit to release.

Fitness First

Any technology that helps you get fit and healthy is alright in our book here at The Coolector but there is so much more to the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch than that and a few of the more remarkable features to be found include a multi-day battery (something that is pretty unprecedented for smartwatches), built in GPS for tracking your workouts, a heart rate monitor, personal coaching functionality and the capacity to store all your favourite tunes to listen to whilst you’re working out.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch provides real-time guidance and learning that will be instrumental in helping you to achieve your fitness goals and lets you work out in a whole new way. It is a smartwatch that really gets to know you and how you like to work out and will deliver routines based upon this. The multi-sport modes will let you keep track of specific workouts such as weights, runs and bike rides. In Bike, Run or Hike mode, the Ionic Smartwatch uses built-in GPS to see pace, distance and other key stats and when you’re finished, you’ll get a comprehensive performance overview that shows elevation climbed, split times and a map of your route.

Somewhat impressively, the Ionic Smartwatch from Fitbit is also capable of showing you long-term insights about your health such as sleep patterns, overall cardio fitness levels and resting heart rate so you will have a much better understanding and overview of your health and well-being. As mentioned, however, it is so much more than just a fitness tracker and is geared towards modern living by letting you access your favourite apps, make payments and boasts a whole host of customisable clock faces.

Robust Wear

Given its designed to be worn during rigorous workouts, it’s important that the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch be durable in nature and it achieves this through the use of a corning Gorilla Glass 3 Touchscreen which is about as robust as it comes and will ensure your watch remains safe whilst engaging in those workouts. It is a stylish looking accessory and comes with a choice of sport, leather or classic strap so you can choose a variety that matches your tastes or get one of each so you’ve got something for every occasion.

Fitbit know what they’re doing when it comes to fitness tracking technology and this smartwatch offering looks to be one of their most accomplished offerings to date – offering all the features and functionality that people today are demanding from their technology. The fact you get all this and it comes in at under £300 is also a mighty attractive feature and we’re sure that fitness and gadget fans will be snapping this up in their droves.

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