Tokyoflash Radar LED Watch

Typically speaking, we prefer watches that we have no problems telling the time on here at Coolector HQ but sometimes you come across timepieces that are too cool to be ignored and that’s the situation we find ourselves in with this bonkers but brilliant looking Radar LED Watch from the guys at Tokyoflash. This madcap looking timepiece will add a bold statement to your wrist and if you’re the sort that loves a head turning accessory, this is the watch for you.

The Tokyoflash Radar LED Watch is quite unlike most timepieces you’re likely to have encountered as it boasts radar antennas that sweep the airspace so to speak in a vivid beam of LED light which is transmitted to your wrist and adds a really eye-catching nature to the normally mundane action of telling the time. Tokyoflash are renowned for their unconventional looking timepieces and this Radar LED Watch might just be one of their coolest to date.

Detecting a Good Time

For those men who want a watch that is as visually engaging as it is useful, the Radar LED Watch from Tokyoflash will tick plenty of the right boxes. This excellent looking timepiece is designed with a unique, custom-shaped stainless steel casing and an eye-catching radar screen time display that has two different time modes, date, alarm, and is also USB rechargeable so you should always have a means to hand to keep your timepiece fully juiced.

The Tokyoflash Radar LED Watch boasts the sort of innovative, unique design that we’ve come to expect from Japanese watches and the futuristic offering has been painstakingly devised from the ground up, with a striking stainless steel casing which is designed to offer a perfect balance to the wrist. It boasts a brushed finish and polished detail on the bezel and buttons, a super cool crosshair motif is engraved in the upper right corner of the watch face and will immediately draw the eye.

Your attention will be immediately grabbed by the intricately designed, coloured silk-screen on the mineral crystal lens which boasts degree number markings and radar screen crosshairs from behind which digital tube LED light beams which do a fantastic job of illuminating the display and bringing it to life. Available in a choice of a blue or green display and a fully adjustable stainless steel, nylon or leather wrist band, so you’re sure to find one that suits your own particular design tastes.

Finding the Right Mode

As mentioned, the Tokyoflash Radar LED Watch has two different modes to choose from – namely, turning mode and flashing mode – and with the turning mode, the LED light beam sweeps around the screen highlighting three points in turn which indicate the hour and minutes whereas with the flashing mode,  the LED light beams display hours and minutes at a glance. The lit beam of light indicates the hour, the flashing beam of light indicates five minute groups and four dots indicate exact minutes 1-4.

Whilst watches of this nature aren’t our first pick here at Coolector HQ, we’ve got a soft spot for the bonkers watches from Tokyoflash and this one in particular is one of our favourites to date. As you’ve come to expect from their timepieces, you might need a degree in engineering to read the time on it but that’s all part of the fun and allure of these eye-catching watches.

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