The Adventures of Business Cat

Truth be told, we don’t have a resident pet here at Coolector Towers but that isn’t to say that we don’t love the idea of having one such is our love of four legged friends. Lamentably, however, pet ownership is not really something that will be occurring in the immediate future so, in the meantime, we will be entertaining ourselves with the brilliant Adventures of Business Cat comic strips (and assorted accessories) from a talented fellow who goes by the name of Tom Fonder who heralds from London too so he’s also got that in his favour.

I think we can all agree that cats are the most humorous of the domesticated animals out there and they typically do funny stuff to entertain us on a regular basis. The brilliant The Adventures of Business Cat from Fonder takes the behaviour cats invariably exhibit at home and supplants it to the workplace and we here at The Coolector are loving it to say the least. Only in its infancy having been launched in 2014, The Adventures of Business Cat are not exactly extensive as of yet but we here at Coolector HQ cannot wait to see the rest of the adventures he will be embroiling himself in over the next twelve months. Check out some of the best below:





Cats are funny in their own right but they’re even funnier in the talented hands of London native, Tom Fonder, and if you’ve fallen for his humorous comic strip, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are already a few bits of merchandise to get your hands on with Business Cat on such as iPhone cases and art prints.



You can rest assured that we here at Coolector HQ will be keeping abreast of Business Cat’s latest adventures and if you’ve been equally amused by Fonder’s comic strip, we’re in no doubt you will be too.

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