Game of Thrones Season 4

As we here at Coolector HQ have now completed our Game of Thrones marathon and caught up with everyone else who is in love with the hit HBO show, we’re just as excited as the early adopters to the show to take in the latest trailer for Season 4 which you can check out above and, safe to say, the action doesn’t look as though it will be letting up any time soon.

Set to hit screens in April, we don’t have too long to twiddle our thumbs for now but we can’t help but think we should have timed our mammoth Game of Thrones catch-up session here at The Coolector HQ to better coincide with when the brilliantly entertaining show hits our screens again but live and learn.

If you’re a fan of the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons et al then the above trailer for the next season will definitely have whet your appetite for what is in store and you’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival just as much as we are here at Coolector headquarters. It’s looking as though trust is going to be an integral theme in the next season as each of the families try to determine who to put said trust in and this will inevitably lead to more epic battles. We can’t wait.

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