Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant

We’re big lovers of technological innovation here at Coolector HQ and when hunting this out, Kickstarter is invariably a pretty good place to start as plenty of businesses are shooting for the stars with their new tech orientated products but one of the best, and most ambitious, we’ve seen of late is this brilliant looking Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant which might just make us even lazier with its minion-esque qualities.

The Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant can effortlessly travel anywhere in your home and, in doing so, re-imagines the processes of automation, security, smart assistants and much more besides. For those homeowners that love to fill their property with the latest and greatest in must have technology, this fantastic Kickstarter project is likely to be hitting all the right notes and when you see just what it’s capable of, it is propelled into the “must-have” category.

Take To The Skies

Making use of cutting edge robotics and supplanting them into a human friendly package and interface, there is an awful lot to be impressed with when it comes to this top notch Kickstarter project. The Aire Self Flying Robotic Assistant is billed as the world’s first intelligent robotic home assistant which is capable of all sorts of tasks – not least that of autonomous flight, voice-prompted commands, anomaly detection, security alerts and much more besides.

The Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant effortlessly navigates between obstacles in your home, completely autonomously, and with simple hands-free voice commands and minimalist smartphone app flight controls, it is straightforward and fun for anyone to control Aire from within their home or whilst they are out and about with no drone navigation skills required. With its  360° panoramic photos, Amazon Alexa integration, anomaly detection alerts, hands-free voice commands and programmable IFTTT capabilities, it’s safe to say that this spectacular piece of apparatus completely re-imagines personal robotics in the home.

With so many impressive features, the Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant is a real sight to behold when in action and just a few of the more eye-catching specifications of this cracking bit of kit include a 4K camera, an aerodynamic landing surface, sonar detection capabilities and excellent speakers. This spiffing device is off to a great start over on Kickstarter and is rapidly approaching its $50k funding target and, we’re pretty sure, there will be plenty of tech lovers out there who will propel it past it.

Fly My Pretties 

We’re very much on board with sharing Coolector HQ with a flying minion capable of doing our bidding and we’re loving the look and capabilities of the Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant. Offering peace of mind for your home security as it can monitor your property and beam live video images to your smartphone and will also give you additional worry removers such as checking you didn’t leave the oven on when you left or checking around the home to see if something you can’t find is there.

Technologically superior and thoroughly impressive from a design point of view, the Alexa integrated Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant is sure to be winding up in the homes of plenty of gadget lovers over the next few months and we’re definitely eager to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

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