Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook

When it comes to stationery supplies, Field Notes are a brand we gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and this is particularly true of notebooks because, frankly, no one does it better. So it has proven once again with their latest, limited edition, offering by the name of the Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook which is sure to appeal to fans of old school style stationery courtesy of the wonderfully vintage aesthetic that it boasts.

The Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook takes its design inspiration from way back in 1860 in New York City when a couple of brothers – namely, the wonderfully monikered Erastus and Irwin Beadle – published a variety of affordable paperback books on a range of topics from tax codes to baseball it wasn’t until they released Ann S. Stephens’ frontier tale Malaeska as the first of their orange-covered “Dime Novel” series, it sold more than sixty thousand copies, that things really started to take off and so began a trend for inexpensive pocket-sized genre fiction.

Literary Classics

Back in 1860, the Beadle Brothers were taking the publishing game by storm and their novels eventually exceeded 300 titles, with each one selling between 35–80,000 copies. Needless to say, this inspired numerous other publishers to copy (or even outright steal) the Dime Novel’s format, style, characters, and content. At the same time as these imitators coming along, an epic brotherly feud ensued and a long series of lawsuits. Despite these trials and tribulations, it can certainly be said that the Beadles delivered the mass-market American paperback and it is this fact that the Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook celebrates.

The Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook has a 100# French Paper Co. Construction “Safety Orange” cover which is considerably more robust and hard wearing than the sort which would have been used on the original Dime Novels. Inside you’ll find “Natural White” Strathmore Premium 70# which is the highest-quality body paper Field Notes have ever used in any of their cracking notebooks.

It boasts 72 body pages inside and they are Smyth-sewn in three, 24-page signatures with Coats Dual-Duty thread which is then carefully glued into the notebook cover. The Field Notes ‘Dime Novel’ Edition Notebook is unquestionably one of their most striking to date and we’re loving its retro aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. It has loads of super cool design features such as a black and white engraving of an Adams “Power Press” from the mid-1800’s on the first page and a selection of blank pages so you can write or sketch your own literary adventures on the high quality, wove-finish Strathmore paper.

Pocket Essential

For anyone with a creative pastime or job, having a quality notebook on hand is a must and the guys at Field Notes do it better than most as is admirably illustrated by this ace looking Dime Novel Edition. Designed as a tribute to an awe-inspiring slice of Americana which might just act as a creation catalyst, these brilliant notebooks will entice you to dig deeper into the world of Story Papers, Nickel Weeklies, and Dime Novels.

Sold in 2-packs, the Field Notes Dime Novel Edition Notebooks are going to be a great addition to any creative’s line up of EDC and the vintage vibe is right up our street here at The Coolector. If you’re after some interesting and versatile stationery, this is definitely getting our vote.

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