Whilst we’re not the biggest advocates of selfies here at Coolector HQ, we know that they’re a big part of many people’s daily routine and having tried and failed to tackle the vast size of Apple’s iPhones to take such photos, we know there is room in the market for a product that helps tackle this problem – the AirSelfie is definitely the coolest we’ve encountered to date and this super cool Kickstarter project will appeal to the camera happy out there.


Billed as the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover, the AirSelfie does pretty much what it says on the tin and for the narcissistic photo lover out there, it is one piece of tech that is simply too good to be ignored. Boasting impressive design features and clever touches, it isn’t difficult to see why the AirSelfie has flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter.

Small and Perfectly Formed

It’s fair to say that most people’s camera rolls will be chock full of selfies and this is something that the guys at AirSelfie are only too aware of and have tackled the problem of taking great selfies with their mighty impressive piece of technology. Described as the world’s smallest portable flying camera, this superb bit of kit will let you snap aerial photos directly from your phone via its innovative design – which means the sky is literally the limit.



The fact that the AirSelfie is integrated into a phone cover is a supremely cool feature which makes it so much more portable and versatile then ever before and all you need do to capture the perfect selfie is to take out the device from the case and decide which of the functions best fits the type of photo you want to take. Offering a “selfie” mode which dictates a close or far away shot and a “flying mode” which lets you find the perfect distance and then set the device to hover mode to capture the best shot.


A first class idea with the technology to back it up, the AirSelfie is the sort of project that Kickstarter is built for and it’s not difficult to see why it has proven so popular on the crowdfunding platform. Whilst a device that makes taking selfies easier isn’t something that will appeal to everyone, when the tech behind it is as sound as AirSelfie and its integrated into a minimalist phone cover, the benefits are impossible to ignore.

Simplicity the Key

It is important for technology like this to be straightforward to use because taking a selfie is invariably an impromptu event and if the technology that facilitates it takes a long time to set up, it defeats the object. The AirSelfie is definitely one of the most impressive bits of kit we’ve encountered at Coolector HQ that delivers the quality of shot that people demand and for those who like what they see, there is still plenty of time to get behind the project on Kickstarter.


Superior technology coupled with the sort of functionality and versatility that today’s tech obsessed demand, the AirSelfie is one gadget that looks like it’s here to stay and we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with the creativity of this campaign at Coolector HQ.

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