Alfred Lane Incense Cones

We love small batch production brands here at Coolector HQ and so far as fragrance is concerned, there aren’t many better in the business than Alfred Lane. As if to reinforce this fact, they’ve just launched a brand new product to bring a refreshing zing and delightful aroma to your home in the shape of these Alfred Lane Incense Cones which will be an essential addition to all your interior design endeavours this fall and winter.

Alfred Lane has been crafting solid colognes since 2013 and are the brainchild of Rafael Hernandez, a designer with a passion for quality products, who wanted to elevate the essence of the true modern man with their dapper range of colognes. The Alfred Lane Incense Cones are the latest addition to their product range and they’re available for the bargain price of $19.95. Their products combines creative energy, technical expertise and an undying passion for quality. Handcrafted in America, Hernandez believes in the power and ingenuity of small business.

Sweet Smell of Success

Specialising in small batch production, Alfred Lane are all about quality over quantity and this shines through once again with their excellent line up of Incense Cones. You’ll be amazed at just how effective these cones are at freshening up a room and with some great aromas to choose from, including Gusto, Vanguard and Verve, you’ll probably want to try one of each such is the appealing smells on offer.

These small but concentrated Alfred Lane Incense Cones ($19.95) are hand dipped in small batches to ensure their quality and aroma impact. Once the incense cone has been lit, it can last up to 30 minutes of burn time which will be more than enough to freshen up any room and deliver a pleasing aroma throughout your house. The scent longevity of each Incense Cone from Alfred Lane in a room can last for between 3-4 hours in a mid sized room.

Incredibly easy to light up, you just need to place the incense cone on a heatproof, non-flammable holder. The lid of the incense cone tin works well for this. Expose the tip of the incense cone to the flame for approximately 40 seconds and to extinguish the flame just blow on the cone gently. The cone will be left with a glowing red ember that emits the scented smoke on its own and be sure to enjoy the incense aroma in a well-ventilated room.

Intense Aromas

There is a cracking line up of aromas to pick from with these superb Incense Cones from Alfred Lane. Whether it’s the musky aroma that has spicy and woodsy notes with a touch of citrus of their Gusto cone or the woodsy, oriental blend that is seductive and complex with spicy notes of nutmeg, sandalwood & leather which are combined to create a bold scent that transports the mind to a cool evening of their Bravado Cone,  you’re sure to find the perfect scent for your home with Alfred Lane.

Extremely affordable at just $19.95 for a tin of 30 incense cones, you’ll be inclined to get at least one of the different aromas from Alfred Lane and given that each one can last up to four hours, a single tin will last you throughout the fall most likely. With a dedication to crafting small batch, high quality products, we’re big fans of brands like Alfred Lane here at Coolector HQ and your home will thank if you grab a few tins of these incense cones over the next few months.

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