Ravi Zupa Dog Matchboxes

Quirky artwork is pretty much our bag here at Coolector HQ and if said artwork involves either dogs or cats, we’re pretty much sold truth be told. This is particularly true when the artwork in question is as awesome as these Ravi Zupa Dog Matchboxes which are a continuation from the cat series we featured on the pages of The Coolector a year or so ago and, safe to say, we’re loving the canine version just as much.

Needless to say, given the popularity of felines, Ravi Zupa’s Drunk Cat Collection of matchboxes proved to be ridiculously popular and he’s following this up with this canine release which is likely to garner the same sort of attention and adulation. The new collection has ten different designs to choose from, each boasting a different breed of dog and comedic text to go alongside it so if you’re a fan of dogs and need some new matches in your life, look no further.

A Dog’s Life

Dogs are man’s best friend and they all have their own unique, quirky personalities and it is these little character traits that these humorous Ravi Zupa Dog Matchboxes are seeking to tap into and, in our opinion here at The Coolector, they do this wonderfully well. Each one of the matchboxes is printed by hand using the woodblock printing process which gives them a tangible sense of quality to the finish and ensures that it is the sort of matchbox you keep hold over long after the matches are all used up.

The Ravi Zupa Dog Matchboxes will really appeal to dog lovers out there who know just how opinionated, stubborn and just plain jerks that dogs can be and these first class prints capture their character superbly. These three colour matchbox prints are made with oil based intaglio ink and each one has a tiny certificate of authenticity which will be find nestled inside the matchbox tray that adds another touch of uniqueness to proceedings and makes these matchboxes such excellent gifts for canine aficionados.

Ravi Zupa is certainly an artist that is to our design tastes here at Coolector HQ and the infinitely quirky artwork that he produces will likely resonate with cat and dog lovers everywhere. He is an entirely self taught artist which is something that makes his endeavours all the more impressive and he takes design inspiration from a wide array of styles which includes German renaissance printmakers, Japanese woodblock artists and Murghal painters to name but a few.

Perfect Present

Dog lovers can be quite difficult to buy for so if you’re looking for a gift that it a bit more thoughtful and out of the ordinary, these Ravi Zupa Dog Matchboxes will more than fit the bill and there are plenty of different dog breeds and captions to choose from so you’re sure to find one that ticks all of the right (match)boxes.

We’ve been following the top notch artwork of Ravi Zupa for a few years now here at Coolector HQ and we’re always delighted when new releases like these Dog Matchboxes hit his digital shelves. If you’ve been on the hunt for a unique gift or addition to your own matchbox collection then you’ll be onto an absolute winner with these awesome offerings from Ravi Zupa.

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