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In our opinion here at Coolector HQ, most men often see their underwear as an afterthought to their outfit but, truth be told, it is one of the most fundamental pieces. It dictates your comfort throughout the day and it always pays to push the boat out a little when looking for new underwear brands to add to your wardrobe rotation. This leads us nicely to American brand, All Citizens, and their stellar line up of wares for the discerning chap out there.

All Citizens are built upon the belief that better apparel should be available to everyone, every day. This shines through in their menswear goods and they are committed to creating the best performance driven apparel on the market and, from what we’ve seen here at The Coolector, they’re making good on this promise. They are also set on offering a fair price for their underwear, and though their goods are made from the finest materials, it’s not going to hit you in the pocket.

Performance, Everyday Wear

Let’s face it, few pieces of apparel are put through their paces more than your underwear so you’ll want to go with a brand that knows what they’re doing when it comes to delivering performance and comfort – and that’s exactly what you get with All Citizens. It’s apparent that traditional underwear struggles to keep up with your life in motion: the legs ride up and bunch, you constantly need to “re-adjust, itchiness, sweat and odour all contribute to an uncomfortable experience. Not so with All Citizens. They’re a real game changer for your wardrobe.

To deliver the best results, the team at All Citizens have combined performance materials with functional, versatile designs to address the everyday frustrations which are routinely witnessed by men the world over with traditional underwear. The end result of All Citizens’ endeavours is comfortable under apparel that is engineered to handle your active lifestyle.

A feature that really sets the underwear from All Citizens apart from the competition is so-called “breathe zones” which are areas crafted with tightly woven mesh to help enhance airflow and allow your manhood to breathe. By strategically placing them where guys sweat the most – on the lower back and under the crotch – you can be confident that you’ll be keeping your cool and sweat-free throughout the day in a pair of All Citizens.

Packed with 15+ Comfort-Enhancing Features

Seldom will you find performance underwear so chock full of features as those from All Citizens. Some of the most stand out of those features can be seen below:

  • Grip thighs to keep the legs from riding up
  • Quick-access fly allows for a fast and more natural movement when nature calls
  • Contoured double-layered pouch conforms naturally to the shape of your goods, provides a spacious fit and reduces the need to “re-adjust”
  • Thick, no roll waistband stays put on your waist
  • An Understated waistband with a refined look instead of loud branding 
  • Durable seams that lay flat on your skin to minimise chafing
  • Major stress-points are reinforced with bar tack stitches to make sure our products last.

Pretty impressive stuff, all things told.

Importance of Materials

The choice of materials is seldom more important in apparel than with your underwear and that’s an area in which All Citizens excel. Their gear is made from microfibre which is an industry leading fabric best known for its luxurious and technical qualities. All Citizens use the finest performance microfibre for its advanced features and performance. And, trust us, you’ll notice this when you pull a pair on for the first time.

With prices starting at a thoroughly reasonable $15 for their boxer briefs, All Citizens represent excellent value for money and we’ll definitely be adding plenty of their wares to our own Fall wardrobe here at The Coolector. Style, comfort, performance and superb value for money – All Citizens wins on all fronts.

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