Zinvo Blade Black & White Panda Watch

For those men that like to make a style statement with their watches, something that adds a touch of gravitas to the wearer’s wrist is a must and you’ll not find many better candidates for this role than the Zinvo Blade Black & White Panda Watch. A brand new 2020 release for the watchmaker, this Blade Panda Watch is as bold as it is top performing and it really isn’t difficult to see why this has been one of Zinvo’s most popular releases to date.

The Zinvo Blade Panda Watch has a price tag of $289 which, when you consider the fantastic materials used in its crafting, its unparalleled visual impact and versatile day to day performance, represents exceptional value for money. This Black and White colour combo is new for 2020 and will fly off the shelves so make sure you don’t hang around if you like what you see with this one.

Impactful Design & Performance

The Black & White colourway of this new Blade Panda brilliantly contrasts with the striking electric blue accents and really makes the watch pop on the wrist. It boasts Zinvo’s exclusive design with 1-second spin turbine powered by the automatic Seiko movement which will definitely make this Panda a very cool timepiece that turns heads everywhere you take it.

Powered by an impressive automatic movement, the Blade Panda Watch from Zinvo ($289) has the brand’s signature dial with a highly unique and innovative concept. Made of Titanium, this striking dial is the design element that really makes these stunning timepieces stand out from the competition in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Given the affordable, sub-$300 price tag of this Blade Collection from Zinvo, it’s hard to believe that you’ll find a high-end automatic movement with 42H power reserve acting as the beating heart for their 1-second signature spin turbine. The quality of the watches from Zinvo are second to none and they are hand-crafted in their own facility and are engineered to meet the high standard of quality they demand from the timepieces they release. Zinvo strive to create timepieces that combine innovation and style and it’s definitely mission accomplished with this glorious looking offering.

Quality to the Core

Zinvo are all about offering high quality watches at an affordable price and that’s certainly in evidence with this Black & White Blade Panda Watch. They are continuously reinventing and reimagining what a wristwatch can be, and Zinvo pride themselves in a deep commitment to their craft – which is why all the watches that they produced positively fly off their digital shelves.

For any man with a love of contemporary, innovative design in the world of watches, Zinvo are a watchmaker that need to be on your radar and the Panda Blade a watch on your wrist. Exceptionally well priced at under $300, it is not going to break the bank but will be the watch that everyone talks about every time that you put it on in the morning.

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