Allett Slim Wallets

Let’s face it, gone are the days when a wallet would weigh more than your backpack. Men have streamlined their carry in the last few years and the happy consequence of this is a much less bulky, slim wallet that fits effortlessly in the pocket and doesn’t weigh you down. One of the best proponents of the slim wallet we’ve come across here at Coolector HQ is definitely that of Allett who have been producing first class accessories for men since 1995 from their Californian base.

Allett Slim Wallets are both robust and stylish and come in an array of styles to suit any taste persuasion. They have been producing fantastic wallets for men in their San Diego factory since 1995 and their factory is the heart of their business, and their crew is the beat that keeps it alive and delivering the amazing accessories that today’s modern man will appreciate. Each and every wallet they produce is made in house by their talented craftspeople and the quality on offer really is second to none.

Streamlined Style

If you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll demand a wallet that looks great and doesn’t weigh you down and these brilliant Allett Slim Wallets certainly excel in both these departments. The notion behind Allett’s patented design was to craft a wallet that stays slim no matter what you put inside it. This is the philosophy that is applied to all their products to deliver both a minimal carry and practical use. This means, you don’t have to get rid of everything you carry to achieve a streamlined wallet and you can expect you wallet to last for years to come.

The Allett Slim Wallets come in many shapes and sizes and boast an abundance of excellent features such as RFID blocking technology to help keep your card data safe and secure. If you fill your Allett wallet to its capacity, it will still remain thinner than a normal wallet when it’s empty and that’s due to the clever and innovative design principles the brand have put into the creation of their sophisticated accessories. Wonderfully robust and well priced, with wallets starting from just $30, the first class accessories from Allett are right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

As with all wallets, the most important design element is the choice of materials and this is another area in which Allett positively excel. They pride themselves on their unique designs and choice of materials. Within each wallet there is countless hours of research and development to make sure their wares are the best possible solution to your wallet needs. Their wallets are available in both leather and nylon versions and you can choose the one that boasts suits your tastes and budget.

Choices, Choices

There is a great array of wallet options to pick from with Allett both in terms of materials and functions so whether you’re after a conventional leather wallet to add to your EDC line up or a travel wallet for when you’re heading overseas, they’ll have something that is just right for you. The quality of their materials belies the affordability of these accessories and for any man in need of a new wallet as we head into spring and summer, it’s safe to say that Allett would be one of our first ports of call here at The Coolector.

With prices as reasonable as $30 and a highly innovative, patented design, it’s not hard to see why San Diego based, Allett, are making waves in the world of wallets and they offer both style and substance in spade. Regardless of the sort of EDC you’re after this spring, they will have something that will more than fit the bill and you’ll be getting your hands on a new wallet that will be a mainstay of your accessories line up for years to come.

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