Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers

Any cyclist who is a regular commuter on their bike will testify to the difficulty in finding the ideal pair of trouser to wear whilst cycling around. Jeans typically lack the flexibility with tracksuits being too causal for most occasions which means you need something to fill this gap that is both flexible and stylish – enter these superb looking Tailored Rain Trousers from Vulpine.

Vulpine are a London based purveyor of technically superior, impeccably detailed, everyday cycling apparel that meets all your cycling requirements whilst still looking the part when you arrive at your destination as well. The Tailored Rain Trousers from Vulpine immediately caught our eye here at Coolector HQ as they look to very much solve an all too common problem for today’s modern cyclist.

Come Rain or Shine

Billed as being the finest and almost certainly the smartest cycling trousers for commuting and urban life, the Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers are perfectly suited for more or less any occasion which, perhaps most importantly, includes the office and they deliver a wealth of hidden features to give you comfortable ride on the bike in all weathers conditions that you’re likely to encounter on your daily commute throughout the year.

Available in three different colours to suit your own personal tastes, the Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers boast an impressive amount of pockets (six no less) for storage, reflective turn-ups for safer riding, made from a stretchy cotton to provide the flexibility required when riding and a driveside adjuster which will keep your stylish trousers away from oily chains and keep them looking the part upon your arrival.

The Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers are going to be a godsend for those men who have long being seeking a pair of trousers that are literally tailor made for cycling and they deliver wonderfully well in both the style and functionality department. Providing a flattering, real world fit, that’s stylish both on and off the bike is something that is important and really sets this piece of apparel from Vulpine apart from the competition.

Stylish Ride

Providing both unparalleled comfort and style is two features of the Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers that will definitely make them appeal to a whole range of cyclists in 2017 and having a pair of trousers that don’t get in the way of your riding but still look great when you arrive at work or the pub is something that we can all get on board with.

Made with the finest materials and boasting more versatility than you can shake a stick at, it’s easy to see why these Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers are already looking to be one of the London based brands most popular pieces of apparel for 2017.

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