Alon Dodo Desk 53

Desks are an essential part of any creative individual’s day to day work routine and one’s workspace is central to how productive and creative you can be. With that in mind, we always look for furniture designers that create pieces that little bit out of the ordinary and a distinct visual flair here at Coolector HQ and that led us squarely to the door of Alon Dodo and his superb array of wooden furniture – the latest of which to have caught our eye is the visually astounding, Desk 53.

As with all the furniture designs from Alon Dodo, Desk 53 is a bold, statement piece of furniture that will draw the eye and make it an attractive, appealing place to spend your working day. We love the vibrant, uncompromising designs of this talented woodworker and the Desk 53 from Alon Dodo is just the sort of workspace that we’d lean towards here at The Coolector. Impeccably crafted and stylish, this will significantly elevate any interior design endeavour whether its in the home or office.

Workspace Wonder

For anyone who spends large swathes of their day tethered to their desk (figuratively speaking), chances are you’re going to want one that is great to look at and delivers the sort of functionality and versatility that you require. Well, Desk 53 from Alon Dodo delivers on both these fronts and its easy to see why it has become one of his most popular offerings to date amongst his stunning array of designer furniture.

Desk 53 from Alon Dodo is amongst the coolest looking workspaces we’ve covered on the pages of The Coolector and it is positively overflowing with quality – both aesthetically speaking and in terms of the impeccable craftsmanship that has gone into its making. For any creative individual that has long been on the hunt for their perfect desk and workspace, Alon Dodo has plenty from which to choose but it is the infinitely eye-catching Desk 53 that immediately turned our heads with its stand out design features.

With plenty of clever little storage solutions built into the desk and the sort of aesthetic flair we’ve come to expect from Dodo here at Coolector HQ, Desk 53 is one of our favourite pieces to date from this supremely talented furniture designer. The first rate materials used in its crafting really do add a tangible touch of quality to proceedings and the tactile black space will be the perfect position for your laptop whilst working away on a daily basis.

Furniture at its Finest

There are few furniture designers quite as prolific as Alon Dodo’s out there and he’s constantly producing new, spectacular pieces of designer furniture to be enjoyed, of which Desk 53 is undoubtedly one of the finest. A really versatile workspace coupled with unparalleled visual appeal really do mark this out as a prime contender for your next desk if you’re on the lookout for a statement piece.

We love the eclectic designs of Alon Dodo here at Coolector HQ and his workshop is always one of the first places that we’ll look whenever we’re on the hunt for new pieces of furniture. Effortlessly cool and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, Desk 53 is a fine example of the capabilities of this immensely talented woodworker.

Leo Davie