AtariVCS Video Game Console

When we first wrote about this superb, retro looking console a few months back at Coolector HQ, it was monikered the AtariBox but over the last few months and as it prepares for its launch, it appears to have undergone a slight rebrand and is know called the AtarVCS Video Game Console. Luckily, however, it looks no less awesome and we can’t wait for it to hit the shop shelves later this year.

The AtariVCS Video Game Console is billed as “Reinventing the way you game. Again.” and from the little we’ve seen of the console so far, it looks like it might do exactly that. This extremely connected console will let you game, stream and connect with others like never before and aesthetically speaking, we can’t think of many other consoles that look quite as cool with such an excellent old school vibe as this.

Old Meets New

You’ll be pleased to hear that when the AtariVCS Video Game Console hits the shelves, it will come with a raft of classic Atari games available alongside plenty of new indie titles as well so you can get your fill of your favourite old school games whilst enjoying some new ones as well. It boasts an open Linux operating system for a versatile platform for building games and we can’t wait to see what developers manage to create on this superb looking machine.

The AtariVCS Video Game Console is without doubt one of the most visually superior consoles to ever have hit the marketplace and whilst it has the distinctive 80s style aesthetic that we all know and love from the original Atari consoles, it thoroughly updates proceedings with plenty of contemporary touches to boot. This stylish console might not compete with the currently next generation consoles in the hardware stakes (details about its specifications are thin on the ground at present) but there won’t be many better looking consoles than the AtariVCS, that’s for sure.

A fresh take on an old school classic, the excitement in the gaming community is already high surrounding the AtariVCS Video Game Console and it certainly isn’t difficult to see why. If, like us, you’re from the golden age of video gaming in the 80s and 90s then you’ll have immeasurably fond memories of this console and it is being wonderfully well updated for the 21st century to introduce it to a whole new generation of gamers.

Exciting Time

Whilst it might not convince everyone of the merits of the original Atari, there will be an abundance of old school gamers who will be joining the waiting list for this magnificent looking machine. As mentioned, there aren’t a great deal of details about what this console will be capable of and even when exactly it will be hitting shelves but you can rest assured we’ll be at the front of the queue when it does here at Coolector HQ.

Aesthetically excellent and technologically speaking likely to be solid, we’re mighty excited about the AtariVCS Video Game Console at The Coolector and we’re in little doubt we won’t be the only ones. The slick and sleek design really draws the eye and this is the sort of console that will actually elevate the coolness of your technology set up.

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