Alon Dodo Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet

Of all the pieces of furniture which tie a room together, the humble cabinet rarely gets the credit it deserves but it is a fundamental piece that really does offer an abundance of functionality and benefits and when they look as cool as this Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet from Coolector regular, Alon Dodo, the want levels positively fly off the charts.

The Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet from Alon Dodo is so called because of the mish mash of shapes that have gone into its exterior appearance and this is a visual component that we’re big fans of at The Coolector. We’ve featured the desks and coffee tables of Dodo many a time and this is the first cabinet that we’re featuring from this uber talented furniture designer and, as you can see, it is an aesthetically superior offering to say the least.

Form and Function

 There are always some striking little design features inherent in the furniture from Alon Dodo and the Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet is no exception with the bold aesthetic that it boasts, finished off with the trademark, vibrant crosses which are found in the majority of designer furniture pieces that emerge from Dodo’s workshop. This adds a real visual impact to proceedings and elevates the design above the norm to make it a real statement piece of furniture.

Top quality craftsmanship and materials are the calling card of the creations from Alon Dodo and the Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet is a prime example of this very fact. Impeccably crafted from the wonderfully attractive material of maple, this cabinet will definitely draw the eye in any room and it offers an abundance of storage space in a highly versatile manner meaning that it can be deployed in a wide variety of rooms.

We love the sleek, elegant and playful designs of Alon Dodo here at Coolector HQ and regardless of the piece of furniture you’re after – be it desks, coffee tables, dining tables and even bed frames – he’s sure to have something to fit the bill in his extensive line up of wares. If it’s a cabinet that is next on your interior design hit-list, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more striking and functional than this cracking piece of design.

Epic Style

With so much furniture being the same, boring unadventurous fare, it’s always great to find workshops that dare to do things differently and this is certainly something that can be said of Alon Dodo and his superb line up of designer furniture creations – of which this supremely stylish and functional Soft Maple Tetris Cabinet is one of our favourites to date.

Exceptionally well made with a real eye for the details, this first rate cabinet from Dodo will really bring any space to life and it’s easy to see why interior designers the world over gravitate towards these amazing pieces of furniture when they’re looking for something vibrant and unusual to really finish off the aesthetic of a room.

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