CAKE Electric Motorbikes

The world of electric bikes and motorbikes is getting bigger and more crowded all the time so it’s increasingly taking something special to really stand out from the competition but, it’s fair to say, these brilliant looking CAKE Electric Motorbikes are made of the right stuff and will blow your mind when you realise both their performance capabilities and unparalleled visual impact – both of which are exemplary.

CAKE pride themselves on crafting robust, no-nonsense and high performing off-road electric motorcycles and it is their mission to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, whilst, at the same time, ramping up the fun and excitement of owning an electric bike. All components of the CAKE Electric Motorbike are crafted from scratch to really make the most of the riding performance in this new category of machines and it’s hard not to be impressed with that they’ve achieved.

Get Out And Explore

Adventure and exploration are the catalyst for the creation of these awesome looking CAKE Electric Motorbikes and for anyone with this sense of wonder for exploring the great outdoors, this should be the contraption that you choose to do it on. Each of the components chosen for these great looking bikes has been chosen to deliver perfection in performance and the bikes are built with sustainability and the environment in mind.

The CAKE Electric Bike is the brainchild of a Swedish workshop and it is the cleanliness of the bike in relation to the environment that is most impressive. It includes the fact there is no pollution or fumes emitted from the bike and you are able to charge your steed with renewable energy so it never has to sap the grid, through the lifetime of the bike. It is the ultimate in sustainable machines. As there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, the CAKE Electric Bike doesn’t suck up dirt like a magnet, which means it actually performs more like a bicycle.

Extremely limited in nature, with just 50 available to purchase now, the CAKE Electric Bike certainly won’t hang around for long and they are available for pre-order now. Boasting a multitude of unique features including alloy parts which are CNC machined, plastic parts crafted from carbon fibre and painted by hand for a striking visual impact. With a focus on off-road performance and innovation, these bikes are like nothing else on the market and they’re sure to be snapped up in no time.

Unique Design

The aesthetic of the CAKE Electric Motorbike is striking to say the least and we’re big fans of the industrial look and feel of the machine here at Coolector HQ. With a top speed of an impressive 80 KM/H and a range of 80 kilometres, this magnificent steed is no slouch that’s for sure. Lightweight, weighing in at just 70kg, there’s so many eye-catching features to this bike and it might just become one of 2018’s stand out performers in the electric bike market.

Environmentally friendly and impeccably well crafted, these CAKE Electric Bikes are exactly the sort of ride that lovers of the great outdoors and adventure should be looking to get their hands on. With pre-orders open now for an expected delivery in the summer of 2018, you could be powering one of these mesmerising contraptions up in no time.

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