Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck

Needless to say, electric vehicles are the future of motoring but if you’re waiting for something with a bit of bite to it to hit the market, your wait could finally be over in the shape of the recently announced Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck. This behemoth of a machine comes with four full-sized doors and is built on a shared architecture that powers the WOLF+™. Eye-catching in the extreme, the SUPERWOLF™ is a multipurpose adventure vehicle that further expands utility, interior space, and customisability, while managing to keep the DNA of its revolutionary predecessor.

The Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck has been purpose-built with practicality in mind, with a cabin architecture that easily accomodates four passengers and a large truck bed for cargo. The innovative design of this electric truck opens new possibilities for electric vehicles through the integration of components to further enhance functionality and the ability to customise your electric vehicle. For a highly versatile and adventure-ready electric vehicle, this one will be tough to beat.

Out of this World Performance

Everywhere you look with the Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck you’ll see impressive features that help to set this machine apart from the competition. This starts with the high-quality off-road lighting from RIGID Industries that is equipped throughout the SUPERWOLF™ and there is a combination of E-SERIES PRO 6” lights installed below each headlight and dual E-SERIES PRO 10” lights centrally mounted on the bumper beam which is responsible for delivering the enhanced driving visibility, while a line of RADIANCE POD XL 4” lights can be found fitted on the front of the roof rack and provides a stunning amount of illumination for any off-road adventure you find yourself on.

The vehicle composition of the SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck from Alpha Motors includes steel, aluminium, and carbon fibres and these combine to make one rough and ready vehicle. It comes in a four-wheel drive (4WD) system with a towing capacity of 3,050kg (6,724lbs) and acceleration of zero to sixty miles per hour in a mighty impressive 6.5 seconds. The vehicle is intended to be equipped with a 75 to 85 Kilowatt-hour Lithium-Ion battery with an estimated 275 miles of range which ranks it highly amongst its counterparts. 

The bold new SUPERWOLF™ has been unveiled in a natural sea tone colourway named Santa Monica Mist, which takes its inspiration from the refreshing aura of the famous beach in California. It is the goal of Alpha Motors to create the next generation of clean energy vehicles and this is a product of the company’s core passion to serve as a platform for positive change. The SUPERWOLF™ Electric Truck brings them a step closer to bringing this dream to fruition and it is definitely one of the most impressive electric vehicles we’ve seen to date here at Coolector HQ.

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