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In our opinion here at The Coolector, you should always opt for quality when it comes to bags and accessories because they’re the sort of thing that you use every day and by making sure you go for top quality wares will ensure they last the distance and will be right by your side on any adventures you head on. With that in mind, we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with the quality of these Presence Handcrafted Leather Bags which have a tangible sense of quality and the sort of stealthy aesthetic that we always tend to gravitate towards.

The Presence Handcrafted Leather Bags are overflowing with quality and use top-notch materials to ensure an unbeatable performance day in, day out. Made with ethically sourced hard-wearing materials, these bags are the sort of accessory you can feel good about owning and you’ll know that they’ll not let you down when push comes to shove. Check out the best handcrafted leather bags from Presence below:

Classic Leather and Canvas Backpack (£94)

The Presence Classic Leather & Canvas Backpack (£94) is made from a combination of the highest spec full-grain leather and organic cotton canvas. The leather is soft, smooth while the canvas is rugged and durable and fit for any adventures or commutes you make on the regular. It boasts a specially designed micro-fleece compartment for a tablet or laptop to ensure safety while travelling and extra attention has been paid to the finishings of this backpack, which include a silky maroon inner lining, YKK® antique brass zips, an inner zipped pocket, leather pullers and comfortable padded shoulder straps. (£94)

Classic Leather Bum Bag (£49)

The humble bum bag is an underrated essential in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and they don’t come much classier than this Presence Classic Leather Bum Bag (£49). It is crafted from the highest spec full-grain leather, that has been sourced from environmentally approved tanneries. It is soft and smooth featuring a black tone and boasts three zips, two on the front and one hidden at the back, a silky maroon lining, YKK® antique brass zippers, adjusters and leather pullers. The adjustable strap is extremely versatile and can be shortened to 30 inches and widened to 46 inches, allowing it to be worn across the body or around the waist or hip. (£49)

Classic Leather and Canvas Holdall (£119)

The Presence Classic Leather & Canvas Holdall (£119) is designed with travel in mind. Whether you’ve got a busy day dotting around town or setting off on a weekend getaway, it’s going to tick all of the right boxes. Each one has been crafted by hand using a mixture of beautiful leather and organic cotton canvas, which has been responsibly sourced from approved tanneries and textile mills. The minimalist style is robust and practically designed for the ultimate in functional performances. It is a spaciously designed bag with interior pockets, a zipped outer pocket, a special compartment for a laptop, paperwork or books, and a convenient shoe compartment ideal for weekend breaks. The holdall is perfect for those commuting to work, going to the gym, sleeping over or getting away for a long weekend. (£119)

Classic Leather and Canvas Satchel Backpack (£94)

The Classic Leather & Canvas Satchel Backpack (£94) is designed for the city dweller, who just wants to throw it on their back to head around town while maintaining that stylish, understated silhouette. Crafted by hand using a combination of beautiful leather and canvas which has been sourced responsibly from approved tanneries and cotton mills. This minimalist satchel-backpack hybrid is unique and no-nonsense, in a deep black-on-black tone that is stealthy and stylish in equal measure. Each piece of leather used in the making of this bag is unique – and you can watch how it ages beautifully as it lasts through seasons, trends and years and develops a patina unique to you and the adventures you take it on. (£94)

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