Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike

Needless to say, we know Taylor Stitch best for the awesome array of apparel here at Coolector HQ but for those with automotive mindset, you’ll be pleased to feast your eyes on the rather amazing Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike that looks to be one of the coolest bikes on the market right now and for anyone after an on and 0ff-roader with some real visual clout, this could just be the bike for you.

The Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike has plenty of eye-catching characteristics that really appeal and for those who already love the Taylor Stitch brand and want a mode of transportation to prove it, look no further. Made in collaboration with Alta Motors, this magnificent looking contraption is a real one of a kind (literally as there is only one available to buy at present) and if you want to make this you’re next ride, you’ll need to get the pre-order in quick.

Custom Coolness

With plenty of cool customised features, this is a striking machine that will turn heads everywhere you go and it boasts a custom Taylor Stitch-designed seat and collaboration decal pack which will make this the coolest looking bike on the block no question. For the lucky one who gets their hands on the Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike, it will be delivered and must be picked up from an authorized Alta Dealer after December 15th which means you could be riding this bad boy in time for Christmas.

The Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike is billed as having the perfect ratio of motocross speed, singletrack prowess, and urban capabilities which means, no matter when and where you’re looking to ride it, it’s not going to let you down from a performance point of view. Crafted with the DNA of a motocross bike, this first class electric Redshift EX removes the constant oil changes and maintenance intervals of its high-strung counterparts but, importantly, this doesn’t impact on its performance out on the outdoors trails.

It has a combination of low-weight and lightning-fast acceleration which delivers an extraordinarily potent street-legal motorbike which will give you all the tools required to enjoy the off-roading experience in the purest manner imaginable. With a final price just under $16k, it’s a good price considering all the amazing features you get and the unique, customised nature of the machine and for fans of either Alta Motors or Taylor Stitch (or both), it will be an essential addition to your garage.

Powerful Performance 

You’ll certainly know you’re on a powerful machine the minute you climb aboard the Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike with its water-cooled 14,000 RPM electric motor delivering an unparalleled performance out on the road. Some of the other stand out features of this cracking contraption include an integrated Redshift bulkhead, 40 Horsepower, WP 4CS suspension built to Alta’s custom specifications, 120 ft-lbs. of torque and it weighs in at just 275lbs.

An almighty machine for sure, this Alta Motors Redshift EX in Taylor Stitch Custom Motorbike has definitely got us sitting up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ and for those with a love of custom, one of a kind bikes, this is certainly a machine that will be right up your street. If you like what you see and want to get your hands on this out of this world motorbike, get your pre-order in now or risk missing out.

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