Rubika Bookcase

Any child growing up in the 80s and 90s will be only too aware of (and likely defeated by) the Rubik’s Cube as it is an iconic toy of the era but now, if you’re love for the game has extended into your adult life, you might just want to get your hands on this extraordinary piece of furniture that goes by the name of the Rubika Bookcase from Greek workshop, Anesis.

The Rubika Bookcase from Anesis is a wonderfully striking and clever piece of furniture design that will bamboozle you visually as much as the iconic toy itself did back in the day. This magnificent piece of design will really ramp up the aesthetic impact of any room in the home and it’s actually a mighty versatile bookcase as it boasts an abundance of storage space courtesy of the innovative design principles that it deploys.

A Complex Case

Anesis have over 15 years of furniture design experience and they are a design manufacturer of a extensive array of modern style furniture and the amazing Rubika Bookcase looks to be one of their finest creations to date. This cracking piece of designer furniture looks great and is designed by George Bosnas to some considerable visual effect. Needless to say, it has taken its design inspiration from the 80’s classic of the Rubik’s Cube but it has gone above and beyond this and delivered and genuinely functional and aesthetically superior piece of designer furniture.

This Rubika Bookcase is a reimagining of this most conventional pieces of furniture that you will find more or less in any home today and it has been crafted in the spirit of modernism and adds some a considerable visual delight to a standard bookcase by giving it the look of a three-dimensional cube. Made from MDF with veneer or lacquer for a lightweight finish, this first class bookcase from Anesis can be situated in more or less any room in the home and be used to store books and assorted accessories in style.

It’s a real mind-bender to look at but there’s no escaping the functionality of the Rubika Bookcase from Anesis and for those with a love of statement pieces of designer furniture with a contemporary twist, this is surely going to tick all of the right boxes. Stylish, versatile and exceptionally well made, there really is a lot to like about this modern piece of furniture from Greek workshop, Anesis.

Exceptional Design 

The minute you lay eyes on the Rubika Bookcase, it will be hard to tear them away again and that’s testament to the clever design from George Bosnas which really evokes memories from everyone’s favourite childhood toy. Clever use of space means that you’ll be able to accommodate an abundance of books on the shelves and such is the striking nature of the design, you’ll likely want many of your other cherished possessions to reside on the Rubika Bookcase as well.

Great craftsmanship combines with innovative design to deliver an exemplary piece of furniture that will really turn heads and provide a stylish means of displaying your favourite books and possessions. Anesis are best know for their dining chairs but, if this superb bookcase is anything to go by, they’ll be known for a whole lot more soon.

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