Altor 560G Bike Lock

Whilst it’s fair to say that we like cycling here at Coolector HQ, it’s not a passion of ours and this is something that is reflected in the quality of the bike that we currently ride. That being said, however, there are definitely plenty of men out there with much more respectable steeds than ours and, for those men, keeping said contraption safe and sound will be a chief consideration and that’s why you should be sitting up and taking notice of the fantastic Altor 560G Bike Lock because it’s about as good as it gets from a security point of view.


There are few things more annoying or worrisome for bicycle owners than having their ride stolen and whilst most bike locks will do a decent job as acting as a deterrent and keeping your bike where you left it, the Altor 560G Bike Lock really ramps things up a notch and will help guarantee that your steed isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to.

Safety First

Billed as the world’s lightest, yet strongest, bike lock, this mighty impressive design from Altor is probably the cycling accessory that you’ve been waiting for if you’ve grown weary of lugging around a hefty bike lock in the past which you worry may not be sufficient to keep your bike safe after you’ve locked it up. The Altor 560G Bike Lock is a whole different kettle of fish entirely and puts the safety of your bike front and centre whilst also ensuring it remains extremely portable and easy to carry around with you.



The Altor 560G Bike Lock boasts an innovative folding design and is crafted from an extremely durable and hardwearing grade 5 titanium super alloy which lets the 560G to repel the most persistent of attempts to steal your bike. In addition to this, it is extremely portable and will fold up to fit in any bag.


Delivering one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any bike lock on the market, you’ll be impressed with just how lightweight this bike lock from Altor is and you barely notice it whilst riding. It will provide the sort of peace of mind that cyclists demand when leaving their bikes locked up and the level of robustness it boasts is unparalleled.

Well Made Wares

When it comes to safety accessories, it doesn’t pay to scrimp on quality and the calibre of the materials and components of this Altor 560G Bike Lock really do set it apart from the competition. It offers an anodized finish with a modular design that allows for additional security features to be added should you so desire.



Weighing in at just 584 grams, you’ll be hard pressed to find a lighter and more portable bike lock than this and if you’re after a top of the range and high performing solution to your bike security needs then this first class offering from Altor is surely it.

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