Ortega Mk.1C Submarine

Let’s face facts, we’re not going to see this under our Christmas tree this year but a man can dream and if it were an all bets were off Christmas, we dare say that most men would join us here at Coolector HQ in putting the Ortega Mk.1C Submarine atop their wish-list. And it’s a three-seater, so we can split it.


The Ortega Mk.1C Submarine is billed as a luxurious yet accessible maritime commodity and who are we to argue with that. We’re not going to lie, it’s the stealthy looking, James Bond-esque aesthetics that first caught our eye at The Coolector but the deeper you dive into this submersible, the more impressive it becomes.

Dive, Dive, Dive

Capitalising on highly advanced naval technology, the Ortega Mk.1C Submarine is a revolutionary vehicle that will deliver so many different uses for both work and leisure. It is powered by two high-power, electric motors and its design and construction offers something for both over and under water movements.


It comes fully equipped with all the little bits and pieces that you’ll need to go on an underwater adventure including a trimming tank, on-board breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system to make sure you keep on track when you head out into the deep blue sea. There also some additional extras which you can add to pimp your Ortega Mk.1C and these include the likes of magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR and you can even boost your cargo hold by up to 250 litres in case you find some treasures on the seabed.



With an impressive range of 80 nautical miles (which is around 92 miles for us landlubbers), this first class submersible measures over 6m in length and is capable of opening up a whole new world of underwater exploration with its excellent features and specifications.

Pipe Dream

Whilst it’s pretty inconceivable that the average man will get their hands on one of these great looking contraptions personally, it’s clear to see they are ideally suited to leisure activities and hiring out so more people can enjoy the delights of plumbing the depths of the deep blue sea.


The technology behind the Ortega Mk.1C Submarine is astoundingly complex so we’re not even going to try and explain it here at Coolector HQ but all you need to know is that this is one of the coolest looking and technologically superior vessels out there and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself piloting or enjoying a journey in one, you’re in for a treat.

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