Amstrong Light Trap

Every now and then, you’ll stumble across a piece of design that makes you sit up and take notice and that’s exactly what has happened to us here at Coolector HQ after we encountered this rather extraordinary device that goes by the name of the Armstrong Light Trap which has been designed by Moscow based industrial designer, Constantin Bolimond.

The Armstrong Light Trap is, essentially, a form of home lighting but it looks quite unlike anything else on the market and boasts an almost UFO-esque quality that definitely appeals to our design persuasion here at The Coolector. This immensely impressive looking device is billed as a “trap” because it holds light inside it which is only released when one of the pegs is removed and the light can escape.

It utilises LED lighting to provide a varying level of light intensity depending on how many of the plugs have been removed and for any home owner on the lookout for a distinctive and unusual piece of lighting for their home, you better start crossing your fingers that Constantin Bolimond makes his concept lighting piece a reality. Take a look at a few more shots of this impressive looking construct below:







As you can see, it is a mightily striking accessory for the home that will definitely elevate the visual appeal of any room and instantly make itself a focal point. We’re firm fans of the eye-catching aesthetic of Bolimond’s design and whilst its devilishly simple on the face of things, it’s unquestionably clever beneath the surface. A great example of industrial design and one that is impossible to ignore.

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