2015 Calendar of Silly Holidays

With 2015 a mere matter of weeks away now, there is no better time to turn one’s attention towards their timekeeping in the New Year and in order to keep your schedule on track, you’re going to want to get your hands on an awesome looking calendar. Well, fear not, because we’ve got you covered here at Coolector HQ because during our daily sleuthing of the internet, we’ve come across this decidedly spiffing 2015 Calendar of Silly Holidays from Dirty Bandits.

We’re far from punctual and seldom remember any engagement with which we’ve agreed to attend here at Coolector HQ so our requirement for a calendar is perhaps more pressing than most and we’ve well and truly got our eyes on this superbly conceived Calendar of Silly Holidays which boasts some top notch illustrative action and will enlighten the reader as to some of the year’s more unusual days of celebration such as World Penguin Day and International Ninja Day. Check out some more shots of this cracking looking calendar below:





One for the typography fans out there, this first rate calendar is definitely our cup of tea at The Coolector and for anyone on the look out for a calendar for the next 12 months, you’ll unlikely find many better than this. The calendar itself consists of 12 digitally printed postcards which come separately and you can configure on your wall or desk as you see fit and each of the holidays mentioned on the card are a real thing, regardless of how inconceivable they may seem. A great choice for a design lover, this fantastic looking calendar will hopefully be sitting on a desk not too far from us in 2015.

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