Anaptár Poster Calendars

If you’re wanting to change things up a touch in 2016 so far as your date telling is concerned then you’re in luck because there is a decidedly awesome offering to be had in the form of these great looking Anaptár Poster Calendars that will add a whole new level of cool to your interior design whilst be informative in the process.

These Anaptár Poster Calendars not only boast a mightily striking aesthetic appeal, they also assist you in  visualising data on the Sun and the Moon in a different way and it shows the movement of these planets in the sky which, because of the radial arrangement, this vast amount of info is shown in a spectacular, complex and yet easily comprehensible way.

If you like your stylised prints to serve a purpose as well as looking amazing, these Anaptár Poster Calendars will definitely tick all of the right boxes and you can check out a few more shots of them in action below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.11.54

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.10.48

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.10.59

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.12.06

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.12.21

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.11.18

Though we’re not sure we’re capable of deciphering the wealth of knowledge laid out in these brilliant Anaptár Poster Calendars here at Coolector HQ, we’re in no doubt that there will be plenty of people out there that do appreciate this treasure trove of data and will want to be using this fantastically crafted work of art as their calendar over the next 12 months.

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