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Shelving is definitely one of the most integral elements of your interior design to get right because it helps ensure an uncluttered feel to a room and finding the right solution for your own home isn’t always easy. That being said, however, we’re fairly sure you’ll struggle to find a more stylish or functional solution for your storage requirements than this first class collection of Anne Linde Shelving that provides both impeccable form and function.

Anne Linde is a Danish designer who graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Three Dimensional Design and this is something that has stood her in good stead for creating this awesome selection of shelving that will add, if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, a whole new dimension to your interior design endeavours. The Anne Linde Shelving is available in a number of different iterations to suit your space and storage requirements but is always stylish and functional regardless of which you pick.

Minimalist Magnificence

It’s fair to say that shelving is something that is there to serve a purpose and, typically, will aim to be as minimalist as possible and that’s something which can be applied to this Anne Linde Shelving, which delivers a gloriously understated aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing an impressive amount of storage for your various bits and pieces.

The Anne Linde Shelving makes use of metal as the principal material as the designer loves its sophisticated, elegant expression that can be formed, bent, cast in any number of eye-catching and stylish ways. Used because it is a living, strong and robust material which has a timeless style making it suitable to any time of interior design aesthetic. If you’re after some shelving that delivers both in the visual and storage department, this section from Anne Linde will more than fit the bill.

With most pieces creating the impression of a floating shelf, there is a real visual gravitas to the shelving solutions from Anne Linde and for any interior designer with a love of minimalist, well thought out design, these shelving solutions will certainly resonate. Minimalist in design but big in ideas, Anne Linde Shelving is ideally suited to both home and commercial properties such is the versatility in its design.

Superb Storage

Finding shelving that not only provides the aesthetic appeal you demand but actually delivers the amount of storage you crave isn’t easy but you’ll find both well and truly evident with the Anne Linde Shelving options. Extremely robust in nature with a sleek finish, these shelves are right up our street here at The Coolector and we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of others out there won over by the various different options on offer.

Well made, versatile and durable, these Anne Linde Shelves are certainly a fine example of the sort of piece that fit seamlessly into a contemporary home and if you’ve long been on the hunt for the ideal solution to your storage needs, you can call of the search because you’ve likely just found it.

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