MAEN Manhattan 40 Watch

It is fair to say that Manhattan is one of the classiest and most dapper places on earth so it stands to reason that watchmakers MAEN choose to name their latest iteration after the Big Apple and it’s every bit as sophisticated and stylish as its namesake – say hello to the MAEN Manhattan 40 Watch which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak.

MAEN are a Swedish watchmaker with an already impressive back catalogue of timepieces but their Manhattan 40 Watch might just be their most refined and eye catching to date and we’re huge fans of its understated aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. Funding on Kickstarter right now the MAEN Manhattan 40 Watch is, quite simply, providing a new standard in affordable luxury watches. It uses top quality components and Swiss Made movements with moonphase complication to deliver an unparalleled timepiece for an unbelievable price.

New York Style

As the name more than alludes to the Manhattan 40 from MAEN Watches takes its design inspiration from one of the coolest cities in the world, New York, and this sense of refinement it exudes evokes memories of Don Draper on Madison Avenue. Expertly mixing bold and minimalist visuals within the same timepiece, this extraordinary looking accessory will become the favourite watch in your collection rapidly courtesy of its impeccable style and performance.

The MAEN Manhattan 40 Watch has a classic styling with contemporary elements to provide the ultimate in horology excellence and the fact that it is available for an incredible price on Kickstarter is the real icing on the cake. It boasts a flat bezel design which ensures the watch has a sleek and elegant aesthetic. Quality abounds throughout its design and it also has scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass with AR coating to reduce reflections.

As big advocates of making sure the whole watch looks great here at Coolector HQ, we’re please to report that this glorious looking timepiece from MAEN has a strap made from high-quality Italian leather and it is deliciously curved between the lugs, which significantly increases the luxury, high-end look and feel of the watch. The circular brushed matte finish of the dial also serves to ramp up the luxury of the Manhattan 40 and the custom designed faceted dauphine hands really provide the ultimate in elegant finishing touches.

Magnificent Moon

We love moonphase watches here at Coolector HQ but seldom have we seen them so well done and so affordable as what is on offer with the exceptionally well crafted Manhattan 40 Watch from MAEN. The Manhattan 40 Moonphase comes replete with a Swiss Made movement with an authentic moonphase indicator (not day-night) which exhibits the current phase of the Moon as you would observe it in the night sky. The yellow moon pops out from the black dials and provides a striking aesthetic impact and reminds us of our place in the universe.

For any man on the hunt for a wonderfully well made, moonphase watch that is positively exuding class, style and elegance, you’ll not go wrong with the Manhattan 40 from MAEN Watches. It is unquestionably amongst the most dapper we’ve encountered of late here at The Coolector and we love the small design touches throughout its craftsmanship that set it apart from the competition and, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen and need to get your hands on one, there is still plenty of time to head over to Kickstarter and bag one for a bargain price.

Price: €175+

Show Support: Kickstarter

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