Darts Watch

We’ve seen a fair few timepieces over the years here at Coolector HQ and a good proportion of them have stemmed from the pages of Kickstarter. In these years, however, we’re yet to come across one that takes its design inspiration from the skill game of darts but all that has changed now. The Darts Watch on Kickstarter is a thoroughly striking accessory that will unquestionably turn heads everywhere you go.

The Darts Watch is, as the name suggests, inspired by a darts board and this luxurious, limited edition timepiece is available for the mighty appealing price of just €249 for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve got a penchant for both unusual and striking timepieces and the game of darts, you’ll be very much in your element with this mighty fine looking accessory. We’re loving the engaging visual impact it possesses alongside the first rate design and materials used in its crafting.

One Hundred and EIGHTY

We’re certainly partial to a spot of darts here at Coolector HQ so this magnificent timepiece definitely resonates with our style sensibilities. The Darts Watch has been designed in the United States and made in Italy from premium materials so you’ll see a real tangible sense of quality when you place it upon your wrist. You’ll not see many other people out there with a watch quite like this so if you really like to make your mark in the style stakes, backing this Kickstarter seems like a good place to start.

The Darts Watch on Kickstarter has some mighty fine features and materials used in its construction which belie its affordable price tag. Some of the stand out materials used in the making of these watches include a PVD black brushed finish, a robust stainless steel casing, stainless steel screw back crown, a Japanese automatic Miyota movement, 5ATM water resistance and a luxurious, genuine leather strap.

With a desire to create a luxury watch without the prohibitive price tag, the design team behind the Darts Watch have admirably achieved their goal in our opinion here at The Coolector. Each watch undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks which are carried out in every step of the production of these eye-catching timepieces. Darts aficionados are going to be snapping up these cracking watches in their droves and from an aesthetic point of view alone, not many can hold a candle to the stand out dial of this magnificent timepiece.

Exclusive Feel

Each one of these Darts Watches on Kickstarter will be individually numbered, making it entirely unique to you and there are an impressive array of straps to pick from beyond the luxury leather option – as there are plenty of colourful nylon straps on offer as well. With the price tag under €250, it’s hard not to be won over by this top notch and unusual luxury timepiece and for those who like to be a bit different, it’s a must.

There’s certainly no shortage of watch campaigns on Kickstarter but it’s not every day you see one quite like the Darts Watch and that’s something that should be applauded. Affordable, crafted in Italy and boasting a mighty fine line up of materials and specifications, these are exactly the sort of watch an extrovert is going to be itching to get their hands on so head on over to Kickstarter now if that sounds like you.

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