Anvera 48 Boat

Hitting the high seas is something that is going to appeal to many of a nautical persuasion and if you’re after the finest vessel you can imagine, it’s hard to look past the Anvera 48 Boat. This supremely stylish vessel has all sorts of eye-catching features and a performance which is quite beyond compare so if you’ve got deep pockets and a love of heading out on the open water then you should read on.

Anvera are a brand that were founded in 2002 as a company which specialised in the working of composite materials and other services which pertained to the nautical industry. As a result, the company successfully draws on experience from the Team Italia Offshore, a company founded by Norberto Ferretti for the study and research of extreme technologies. The culmination of these skills, knowledge and know-how is the Anvera 48 Boat which has an aesthetic impact quite like any other and delivers exceptional performance that will leave anyone impressed.

Boating Brilliance 

The Anvera 48 Boat is the result of a decade of experience that has been garnered in nautical competitions the world over, most notably class 1 Offshore, but also in a variety of industrial sectors with a high technology content. This has been pivotal in informing the design of this majestic looking vessel and the minute you lay your eyes on the Anvera 48 Boat it is clear that there is something decidedly special about it.

Attention to detail is the order of the day with the Anvera 48 Boat and both the interior and exterior are dripping in luxurious little design nuances. Not only is this craft extremely lightweight, it is also exceptionally robust and provides a performance that will blow you away both in terms of raw power and the speeds it’s capable of achieving. The Anvera 48 Boat boasts a complex and technological design and everything has been carefully considered in order to maximise its performance potential.

With hardly any wood used in the crafting of the Anvera 48 Boat, it is afforded the sort of speed and nimbleness that you’d demand of a vessel of this type. The majority of the boat is made from unidirectional or multiaxial carbon, very thick high-density PVC, and epoxy resin and all these materials come together to make sure it provides not just a robust, uncompromising performance but the sort of lightweight design that aids the speed and power.

Intuitive Design

As a result of its construction method, Anvera 48 has one of the best weight/power ratios of any boat available on the market; whilst, at the same time, it is characterised by a impressive reduction in the horsepower installed. What this essentials means is that fuel consumption is considerably more efficient which will help cut back on the amount you have to spend in order to enjoy time out on the water.

For those of a boating persuasion seeking a first class vessel for getting about on the open sea, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more attractive or performance orientated than the stunning Anvera 48 Boat. Expertly crafted from top to bottom, this is unquestionably a vessel that has a lot going for it and we’re big fans of its classy disposition here at Coolector HQ.

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