LG CineBeam: LG’s First 4K Projector

Imagine, if you will, a tastefully furnished, laconic New York studio apartment – there are few more aspirational living spaces than that. Everything in it is by choice; maybe Scandinavian, maybe Bohemian. All the choices blend in together to form a singular message and design function. From doormat to duvet, everything is aligned to you, your message. You know what doesn’t’ fit in? An eyesore projector. Well, fear not, because the guys at LG have just released their first 4K Projector. Say hello to the LG CineBeam.

Most projectors represent barely an improvement over the overhead projector “Belshazzar” witnessed around the social-studies classroom the world over. It’s fair to say that projector designs in the past two decades have been very much hit-or-miss, and let’s be honest: most of them have missed by a country mile. They looked like something brought home from school, or the office; neat to see, but nothing to be proud of. Not so, the LG CineBeam; this masterpiece of design will revolutionise the way you enjoy entertainment in your home.

Stunning Performance

The LG CineBeam HU80K Projector is an most impressive device indeed. It is winner of the CES 2018 Best Innovation Award, the 2018 Red Dot Award for Best of Best, and the Editor’s Choice at Projector Central – so if you’re looking for a top performing 4K projector in 2018, then look no further than this exceptional device. It is the best way to enjoy all your favourite shows, movies, and sporting events and is a real game changer no matter how you look at it. Replacing your TV without the need for a separate display alongside a full deck of audio peripherals, this LG CineBeam is a must in our opinion here at The Coolector.

This stunning 4K Ultra HD HDR10 CineBeam laser projection unit from LG boasts 8.3 mega pixels utilizing XPR technology at an extremely competitive price of just $2,999USD. Anything else on the market tagged with 4K, UHD, laser typically has a price tag of circa $5KUSD or greater which just goes to show how affordable the CineBeam is. No other projectors in this price bracket offer such wildly affordable laser projection, nor will they be likely to fit in with your carefully considered interior design aesthetic.

Audio is another impressive feature on offer and the LG CineBeam boasts punchy 7 W speakers but also connects to external speakers and sound bars via optical or Bluetooth if you’ve got your own audio equipment. The stunningly sharp laser engine projects up to 2,500 lumens, and with HDR 10, meaning this cracking bit of kit from LG doesn’t need to be in the basement darkroom; it works in daytime living room conditions. Combine this with LG’s innovative Trumotion Technology, the compact projector delivers an incredible 150″ screen (74″ by 132″) on your wall from 14 feet.

Technologically Superior

LG’s CineBeam HU80K Projector has ports for USB(3.0 and 2.0) and Ethernet, HDMI, and fully supports wireless connectivity, running on LG’s Smart TV platform meaning it is an extremely versatile and functional device for all your entertainment requirements. This means that Netflix, Hulu, VuDu, YouTube, and other industry standard contents are available for streaming, two at a time if you wish: LG’s webOS features Multi-View, which supports simultaneous screens.

Transformative Design

LG’s new 4K UHD/HDR laser projector HU80K boasts a suppressed design with a square footprint just over six-by-six inches. The unit can be set on the floor, laid on a desk, mounted on the wall, ceiling, or just about anywhere you can think of. A swiveling tote-handle means its very portable and a discreet power cord that retracts under the panel housing means it doesn’t cause the eye-sore of other projector cables. When not in use, simply pick it up and stow it away on the bookshelf. The thoughtful and stylistic black monolith design feels surprisingly portable at half the size of competing 4K projectors.

The laser is carefully engineered to last a decade on 40 hours weekly (20,000 hrs), and each CineBeam will ensure that you can connect any Keyboard, mouse, and other external devices effortlessly, making HU80K a powerful and exceptionally functional multi-media platform that ultimately gets everything spot on for an unbelievable price.

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