Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer Bike

Some bikes are made for riding around town and whilst these are all well and good, you need a steed a good deal more hardwearing and uncompromising for tackling those more wilderness orientated terrains – put simply, you need something like the superb looking Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer Bike, with all its durability and bold styling that will make it the perfect ride for all your outdoor adventures.

The Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer Bike has a super cool, stealthy looking colourway that definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and with a total weight of just 16 lbs, a rider-specific geometry alongside rider-specific layup pattern, the GR2 really is the ideal contraption for a weekday hammerfest or a brutal 8 hour gravel race. For anyone after a new bike that takes no nonsense, you’re going to get exactly what you’re after with the GR2 Gravel Racer from Argonaut.

Award Winning Performance

Boasting many of the features that have earned Argonaut awards in the past the GR2 Gravel Racer really is a bike that will make short work of more or less any terrains that you can throw it at. This magnificent machine is based upon the original Gravel Racer which debuted in 2015, and received “Best In Show” at that year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show so, as you can see, it comes from mighty good stock.

Designed to deliver exceptional speed in a wide variety of road surfaces and conditions, the original Gravel Racer represented the state of the art in gravel geometry and tech. Since the original release, Argonaut has intentionally sat on the sidelines of the gravel scene as things have changed, watching and planning how to make the next best gravel bike. And now the time has come to release it with the, frankly superb, Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer which is not just a great looking bike but one that performs like no other.

A lot has changed with the GR2 Gravel Racer which has been built to excel in modern race conditions. Most crucially, Argonaut believes their bikes should jump when you step on the gas, and this certainly shines through with this extraordinary ride; but geometry is only part of their special blend and there is much more to the make up of this particular Gravel Racer. The brand’s ability to craft rider-customised carbon fibre layups is unique, and when combined with full-custom geometry it creates the truly transcendent ride characteristic seen in every Argonaut.

Exceptional Features

Whilst this first class ride certainly doesn’t come cheap, coming in at $12,999, it is chock full of eye-catching features that help to justify this lofty price tag. This includes a full carbon bladder moulded frame construction, rider specific layup pattern, speed Release front and rear thru-axle, Chris King i8 Headset and Chris King T47 bottom bracket.

Those who are serious about the off-road cycling who want the ultimate in adventure able bikes will find everything that you’re after with the Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer. It looks great and has some of the finest materials and craftsmanship going into its creation. We’re loving its aesthetics here at Coolector HQ and we’re in little doubt that regular outdoor adventures cyclists will already be looking to get their hands on this awesome looking steed.

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