Art of Craft T-Shirts

Whilst we couldn’t be less artistic here at Coolector HQ, we’ve certainly got an appreciation of those with creativity at their core and that is something which can be applied to Art of Craft and their top notch selection of tees – a few of which you can see above.

Art of Craft serve as a platform for artisans to provide their designs and for each sale, 10% of profits go to the designer’s chosen cause, which is certainly an admirable objective and one which we here at The Coolector are well and truly behind. Their understated selection of printed tees are all 100% American made and comfort is the primary objective of Art of Craft and you’ll find that their tees fit superbly well with an unparalleled level of comfort.

Hand-picking graphic artists to work alongside means that Art of Craft can create excellent apparel (and, indeed, other wares) in keeping with their overall design objective and whilst their range of t-shirts is overly extensive, it’s high in the awesomeness stakes and here at The Coolector, we’re eager to see what other designs they will be adding to their stable in the rest of 2014.

Price: $39+

Available: Art of Craft

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