The Art of Mad Max Fury Road

In our opinion, the latest Mad Max movie from the supremely talented, George Miller, was one of the most visually astounding pieces of movie making in many a year and, as with most movies, the look and feel of the film was steered by preliminary artwork and it is this artwork that is celebrated and showcased in this fantastic looking The Art of Mad Max Fury Road Book.

The book has a foreword from Miller himself and has been put together by Abbie Bernstein and flicking through the pages of this brilliant and aesthetically superior tome will really bring the movie to life once again and show just how integral artwork is to the look of a finished movie. We loved Mad Max: Fury Road here at Coolector HQ and this fantastic book does a great job of showing off the skilled art that served as the catalyst for the movie’s visuals. Check out a few more shots below:




An official companion to the movie, The Art of Mad Max Fury Road Book provides plenty of insight into the movie itself such as production shots, finished movie stills and behind the scenes photographs from the film set so for any fan of the film, there will be few better coffee table books than this.

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