Shwood Canby Select Atlantic Sunglasses

We’re not treated to too many days of sunshine here in the UK but when we are, it’s important to capitalise upon them and make sure that the sunglasses game is strong and that, sir, is why these really rather excellent looking, not to mention limited edition, Shwood Canby Select Atlantic Sunglasses have really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ.

Mainstays of the pages of The Coolector, Shwood have excelled themselves once again with their latest offering which, as is normally the case, has a design feature that sets it apart from the crowd. In the case of the Canby Select Atlantic Sunglasses, it is the fact they are crafted from genuine vinyl records from world famous music recording studio, Atlantic Records.

Limited to just 250 pairs, these superb looking sunglasses combine the traditional wooden frames that Shwood are famed for with a vinyl eye section that is aesthetically superior to say the least. Made from rich Santos mahogany, the sunglasses really look the part and you can see for yourself why we’ve fallen for them below:




If the sunny weather recently has got you clambering for a new pair of sunglasses but weren’t sure which to get then this will likely have made up your mind. Fantastically stylish, unique and with the added cache of being limited to just 250 pairs, the Shwood Select Canby Atlantic Sunglasses will make for the perfect summer purchase.

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