MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker

For those of us obsessed with our pets (including us here at Coolector HQ) knowing their whereabouts always gives that extra peace of mind that they’re OK but it’s not always easy to keep track of such things. Until now that is – with the introduction of this fantastic looking MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This impressive bit of kit offers real-time distance and direction with one-click tracking so you’ll always have a handle on the location of any errant pet.

The MoFinder X1 GPS Pet Tracker is available for the introductory price of $159 during the campaign and this early-bird pricing is down from the final retail price of $249 so represents a bit of a bargain in our opinion here at The Coolector. With this GPS tracker, there is no monthly fee and no sort of SIM card is required (like your smartphone GPS needs) so it really is just a case of attaching the tracker to your pet’s collar and away you go. It doesn’t just need to be used on pets of course – you can attach the tracker to anything (or anyone) that you want to be able to find. For example, if you’re going to a concert and worried about losing your friend, give them the tracker and you’ll always know their location in the crowd.

Safe in the Knowledge

You can’t really put a value on the peace of mind that knowing that you’ll be able to find your pet if it darts away or has holed up in some part of your garden but that’s exactly what you get with this excellent MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker on Kickstarter. The fact it provides real-time distance and direction means you’ll be able to locate your pet in no time and the tracker boasts LED lighting for enhanced visibility when searching for your pets in low light conditions. It boasts a tracking range of over 6km which is far superior to the majority of competitors on the market and it also has voice tracking technology – something its competitors typically do not.

The MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker (from $159) on Kickstarter has one-press precise positioning, which means that the MoFinderX1 allows you to provide more reliable protection for your pets during outdoor activities in the wild and in unfamiliar terrains. The MoFinderX1 tracker can adapt to many kinds of pet needs with one controller being able to connect to up to 4 trackers; which means that it is ideally suited for families that have more than one pet. By pressing the “location” button, you will get your pet’s precise location and distance and you’ll also receive GPS directions to locate them.

With such a no-nonsense screen design, you can say goodbye to the complicated steps and difficult-to-understand maps that are a real problem with a number of other trackers on the market. You can find whatever you’ve lost – be it pet, friend or possession – with ease. It uses the GPS chip and antenna to obtain real-time position updates, meaning you can instantly connect with your friends or pet and find exactly where they are. The tracker is totally waterproof so don’t worry about any risks of water damage so if you after an adventure-ready tracker for your pets, look no further. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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