Damn Handsome Grooming Co Autumn Essentials

The changing seasons can be quite harsh on one’s skin so now is a good time to turn your attention to grooming products and the sort of things that you should have in your dopp bag over the coming months. So far as grooming is concerned, there’s one brand in particular that we often gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and that is Damn Handsome Grooming Co. Having recently undergone a rebrand, they’ve got a range of ace looking new wares to pick from and they remain exceptionally well made and nourishing for your skin.

Check out our picks of autumn grooming essentials from Damn Handsome Grooming Co below:

Fresh IPA Beer Soap – $15

Damn Handsome Grooming Co’s IPA Beer Soap is a sudsy balance of citrusy hops and subtle piney, floral notes – and, in true IPA fashion, it will have you feeling refreshed after using it. This is one soap that hits ya in the face, and, in doing so, leaves your skin feeling completely replenished, energised and exceptionally clean. This liquid beer soap is crafted specifically for hands, body and even faces and treats them all to the ultimate in cleansing performance. Each bottle is made in small batches then poured by hand for a true, intoxicating artisan experience that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ. ($15)

After Shave Splash – $17

This top notch After Shave Splash from Damn Handsome Grooming Co has been designed for use after a shave, or as a go-to facial refresher and has some exceptional ingredients which includes organic aloe, white willow bark and antioxidant-rich hops. It is a herbal blend of vetiver, cascade hops & oak moss and it’s extremely easy to use – after shaving, you just rinse your face with cold water and pat dry. Following that, shake a few drops of after shave onto your hands. Rub your hands together and pat after shave splash onto your face and bob’s your uncle. ($17)

Shampoo & Body Bar – $12

This all-in-one shampoo and body bar makes use of barley from a Michigan coconut porter, hops and malt to thoroughly enrich your locks with vitamin B, and a variety of proteins, and minerals. In addition to this, Damn Handsome Grooming Co’s botanical extracts of coconut oil, olive fruit, and avocado all combine together to naturally strengthen and protect your hair. It has been made with comforting aromas of toasted coconut and warm tobacco, and they have carefully crafted this bar to use less waste than conventional bottled shampoo and to help make your morning routine that bit more streamlined. ($12)

House Blend Beard Oil – $19

Billed as the the “gold–standard” of beard oil, this wonderfully light and unique oil House Blend Beard Oil from Damn Handsome Grooming Co has been crafted to keep those whiskers healthy and looking their best. This House Beard Oil is hand-poured and rich in vitamins and boasts avocado oil, calendula flower, aloe leaf and hops to deliver an unparalleled performance in beard protection. All of these top notch ingredients work hard to soften those unruly whiskers, deliver moisture to the skin, whilst all-the-while promoting healthy beard growth. Your beard has never had it so good. ($19)

Beard Balm – $12

The Damn Handsome Beard Balm is an heady mix of ingredients that acts as a treatment for guys who want a more controlled application than your traditional beard oils. For these gents Damn Handsome have hand crafted a hoppy, vitamin-rich balm – which is free of petroleum, beeswax and lanolin – and mixed together with the “gold standard” of skin rejuvenating oils. This cracking Beard Balm softens any unkempt whiskers, provides healthy beard growth and ensures moisture is delivered to the skin for a groomed, natural finish. ($12)

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