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As you may have realised over the years, we don’t really have conventional tastes when it comes to the artwork we love here at Coolector HQ and most of the designs that we’ve got hanging from our own walls is inspired by various pop culture references such as films, television and music. It’s for that reason that you perhaps won’t be surprised to hear we’ve fallen mighty hard for these amazing Arthropoda Iconicus Prints from supremely talented artist, Richard Wilkinson, which at first glance like like highly life-like representations of insects but, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that there is much more than meets the eye.

The Arthropoda Iconicus Prints from Richard Wilkinson are inspired by Star Wars, Looney Tunes such as Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig and famous horror films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and The Nun and when you look closely at these eye-catching prints, you’ll see characters from these iconic movies woven into the design of the insects themselves which is an immensely impressive undertaking on the part of Wilkinson. If you love horror or Star Wars (or know someone who does) these glorious prints will definitely bring any workspace to life.

Talented Artist

It takes a lot of skill to so subtly combine pop culture icons into the tapestry of these, at first look, conventional looking, anatomical style insect prints and Richard Wilkinson has pulled this off with some considerable aplomb. He creates detailed paintings in both traditional and digital media and his design influences include the art of pioneering natural history artists of the 18th and 19th century. Wilkinson’s work draws heavily on the scientific aesthetic of this era, but turns the microscope’s focus instead onto the flora and fauna of modern popular culture of Star Wars, with Storm Troopers, Yoda, Darth Vader et al implanted onto the insects.

If, like us at The Coolector, Star Wars and Looney Tunes (and, indeed Freddy Krueger, but not in a good way) are ingrained in your childhood memories, these brilliant looking Arthropoda Iconicus Prints from Richard Wilkinson are sure to be appealing to your sensibilities right now as well. With each print available for the mighty reasonable sum of just £50, you’ll probably want to add a few of these Star Wars and horror movie inspired pieces of artwork to your workspace wall.

Wilkinson’s first series of artwork, this majestic looking Arthropoda Iconicus collection, is an extensive series of artworks illustrating imaginary insects (and a few other arthropods) which hold within them a resemblance to some specimen of popular culture – a film or TV character, a vehicle, a building, a shoe or a bag – and it’s great fun deciphering which member of the Star Wars galaxy or horror film franchise has been captured in his creation.

Quality Prints

The quality of these Arthropoda Iconicus prints from Richard Wilkinson are second to none and each one comes unframed and unmounted so you can choose the right one to fit in with your own interior design aesthetic. They are a beautifully reproduced A4 giclee print on heavyweight archival paper and each one is a signed and numbered edition so will be unique to you and a stand out piece of your workspace art collection.

For anyone on the hunt for some unusual yet undeniably awesome artwork, these Arthropoda Iconicus Prints are certainly ticking all our boxes here at The Coolector. Priced at just £50 per print, their quality is unparalleled and for fans of horror, Looney Tunes and the Star Wars franchise, having a subtle nod to the likes of Yoda, the Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader on your walls without too heavily impacted your interior design aesthetic can only be a good thing.

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