Artifox 02 Desk Black Edition

So far as desks and workspaces are concerned, few are more exceptional in this arena than that of Artifox and if you’ve long been hoping they’d release a stealthy looking piece of furniture then you’re in luck because the Artifox 02 Desk Black Edition is exactly that and we’re loving its mighty sleek aesthetics and unparalleled functionality here at Coolector HQ.

This top notch piece of designer furniture from Artifox is an update of their excellent 02 Desk and delivers it in a super cool, stealthy package that any creative individual looking for a new desk is going to appreciate. The brilliantly designed and crafted Artifox 02 Desk Black Edition is the ultimate in minimalistic workspaces and it positively cries productivity as it is geared towards making you as creative and productive as possible.

Elegant Design

We love the designs of Artifox here at The Coolector but this Black Edition Desk just ramps things up in the aesthetic department to a whole new level and will make a mighty attractive addition to any home office out there. This eye-catching piece of design from the American studio is crafted from solid white oak and pure black ink which is then sealed with a striking satin finish. Boasting a thoroughly contemporary, tech-friendly design which adapts to your requirements to deliver the ideal workspace for any occasion.

The Artifox 02 Desk Black Edition has built-in docks to store your phone, tablet and assorted EDC such as phones, keys and wallets and this helps ensure that your desk stays as clutter free as possible and allows you to concentrate on the work at hand. It has a functional cable grid which does a great job of keeping power cords in check and out of your way. Offering compatibility with a number of other Artifox accessories will help you customise the space and really make it your own.

This superb piece of furniture from Artifox has a innovative, lightweight design which is easy to assemble in a matter of minutes. It can be customised with a host of add-ons such as a hook for your headphones, the aforementioned grid for cable management and a dock to store your tech when it’s not in use. A stealthy workspace like no other that will fit in perfectly with any minimalist interior design aesthetic.

Workspace Marvel 

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll find it mighty difficult to concentrate from time to time and one of the biggest reasons for this will be an unordered workspace. The Artifox 02 Desk Black Edition will make that issue a thing of the past with its intuitive design practices which are all tailored towards being as conducive to productivity as possible whilst also boasting an unparalleled visual appeal.

Available in a number of different woods, including walnut and oak, you’re sure to find the perfect desk for you within this limited edition collection from Coolector regulars, Artifox. Impeccable craftsmanship and clever design combine to make this a must have desk for anyone looking to make their 2018 the year of being organised and productive.

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